Add hall sensor FAIL (broke coper wire) UPDATE SUCCESS!

guys, I made a huge FAIL!!! I wanted to add a hall sensor to my enertion motor, but i had to make some space to put the sensors in

so I started tu cut very carfuly, but not enought …

so I cut 2 wires :disappointed_relieved:


The best solution there is to rewound the motor. Soldering might be dangerous since it can melt the copper wire insulation (shorting phase or ESC).

how thick is the wire ? I can’t meausure it?

That’s rough. Rewinddd

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since it’s multistrand paralleled wires and not a single strand it probably will still go and just be a bit weaker now. I’d try to connect the wires together if youre sure youre connecting the right ones. tiny tiny soldering job.

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you could try to solder the wires back very carefully and then put some epoxy over the joints so that they don’t short.

shit man… wouldn’t want to be in your position.

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Beside the cut wires. Does it work to fit the hall sensor plate? Because the enertion motors don’t leave you a lot of space.

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