Addicted! First build, here we go

I’m thinking back to the ‘old days’ with flight controllers and multi rotors/UAV’s. The flight controller was the brains and it was the link between all other components (ESC’s, motors, etc, etc). I don’t see why something like this isn’t yet available for this application. Who knows, maybe I am way off track, but it makes sense to me. The main controller would be where all the necessary settings are made and all other components plug into this and get their programming from this. To save weight and space, this should even be able to be achieved via bluetooth config. I’m sure this is possible. it just needs the right people to make it happen - and I’m not one of them.


It’s easier on copters because it’s much lower wattage application, putting more things together is simpler, and as far as i can recall none have built-in charging which would be the BMS…so still none have integrated BMS with esc The vesc/focbox has pretty much all the same functionality and more compared to copter esc

Update. After a lot of "to and fro’ I have learnt that many places that stock and sell batteries and battery enclosures will not ship to Australia (or overseas). I have also decided to move away from LiPo and go with 18650 type batteries instead. I found a setup on DIYboards that includes the batteries, enclosure and BMS and they can ship to Australia. Not the ideal kind of enclosure that I wanted, but I am hoping it will be sufficient.

Got a link to the enclosure? Have you considered a box type battery on the back or middle topside?

This is what I ordered. Please tell me it is going to work!!!

As for mounting options, I really want to keep it under the deck. At this stage, I will be trying to mount it towards the rear, just in front of the rear trucks. The main flex in the board will be in the middle so I want to keep the enclosure away from that. I really don’t want to mount anything on the top deck (except my feet).

I think your ok flex wise considering it’s pretty short but the height might be an issue for road clearance Also the bms on those are pretty low amperage discharge, I would consider bypassing if you experience lack of power

What do you mean about low amperage discharge for the bms? Does this mean that the motors won’t get the full range of power due to restrictions from the bms?

Yes the BMS limits the full potential of the batteries versus the focbox That pack is Max 50A discharge and the BMS is likely 30A I would confirm the specs with @diyeboard though, they got a ton of options and I think I have that right but maybe it’s changed

Even if it was just 30A from the BMS, what effect would this have on the Dark Matter motors? I presume it would restrict their top speed? How much difference are we talking? I’m happy to take a drop in speed (providing it’s not too much) as I am not after a speed machine.

Top speed would remain the same, torque would be affected, less acceleration, slower uphill

Let’s hope that isn’t the case. I have asked the distributor for clarification on the BMS. I’ll let you know the outcome once I hear back.

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Particularly with your drive train, wheel setup, you need torque

Just had it confirmed - max 50A discharge from the BMS.

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For such a bad roads city why didn’t you go with a HS11 or Holly pro deck, they are way more stable at mid/high speeds on bad roads, you should also consider the Primo Alpha 8" or the Innova Mud pluggers instead of the 7" narrow tyres which I personally don’t like.


They say hindsight is 20/20 vision. @Eboosted, I wish I would have known this prior to ordering… I opted for the Urban Carver primarily because it had the smaller trucks which, if I understand correctly, make it easier to manoeuvre compared to the other Trampa trucks. I don’t want a board for speed. Manoeuvrability is my priority.When placing the order, there was no option to choose 8" rims or tyres (tires) with this board. 7" was the only option I had, and therefore, the Innova Inline tyres were the only option I had. I considered getting some ‘spare’ 8" hubs and Mud Plugger tyres but ended dumping them from my cart as I wasn’t sure if they would work on this build (if they aren’t an option when ordering, then maybe they don’t fit??)- Plus, the price was getting scary as it was. I now know that I could have used the 8" with this setup.

This is the look you will have on the carver deck

Here is the look with the HS11 deck:


Are you trying to make me envious?? LOL. Looks like I’m jumping back on the Tramp site and ordering a full set of the 8" hubs and Mud Plugger tyres. I’m fine with my selection of the deck and trucks. Overall, the difference is about 115mm in overall length, yet the wheelbase looks the same. I guess a small deck and mini trucks will allow me to turn a lot tighter, which I am good with.

Anyone want to buy a full set of brand new 7" hubs?

Did the order ship already? Maybe you can change it

Shipped. Trampa are pretty quick with their shipping, but not as fast as you dude.:grin:

I made a modification on my ultimate hangers and my turning radio is ridiculous small, I mean it’s crazy compared to even a regular longboard truck and fun to ride. The stability is also pretty nice up to 55km/hr you feel extremely safe and in control.

Checj the modification on my thread:

I’m sorry to raise doubts on your build, but I thought you might be open to suggestions/improvements, I’m so happy with the ride quality that I want everyone to get the same benefits and enjoy this board as much as I do.