Adding a second battery? Propel Endeavor 2s

Hello :slight_smile: So I’m brand new to actually modifying a board, but have a bit of experience just disassembling/repairing them from my previous Evolve. I currently have a Propel Endeavor 2s (not the Pro version) and it’s been just super fun to rip around Vancouver with. The only issue is if I want to take it up to the trials it’s already halfway through it’s charge by the time I get there… If I were to buy a second, completely identical battery from Propel and basically just drill a port through the deck to route cables, could I just use a 2-1 parallel connector directly from both the existing battery and one mounted on top of the deck right into the ESC to effectively double the range? The battery pack will have it’s own independent BMS (identical to the existing one) and I’ll have to figure out some sort of enclosure, but that’s a later project. It feels pretty simple which makes me think I’m missing something super obvious here lol Would I run the risk of damaging the computer or motors? Could I theoretically still use the existing charge port once the batteries are connected in parallel? Would having the second battery mess with the remaining charge readout on the original remote?

Sorry for such a long post, I’m new and want to provide the most info possible :slight_smile: Thanks for any help and have an awesome day!

Yes BUT, you need to have both charged within a small margin the same. AND, you cant charge both at the same time with one charger.