Adding an effective E-Switch to a BMS?


Some time ago I purchased this BMS with no actual way to mount an E switch but there are a few solder testing points on it that I suspect may have the possibility to shut down or turn the battery back on does any body know or have any experience with it?

Here is the BMS I Bought:

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I bought this bms a while ago, when I was testing few of them. If you bought the one with temperature switch (the white probe connected by 2 wires), then adding a switch is very simple: The bms will enter “alert mode”/ will shut off the power, when current does not flow through the temp. switch. So you have to place your on/off switch in the way it shorts just one of the two white wires connected to the temp. switch.

Yes I mentioned it but is there any other way because that feature seems to have broken…