Adding copper wire in the Motor-Vesc connection for additional contact?

Hi there,

I’ve been experiencing some problems with my build and my theory is that the problem lies in the connection between Motor and Vesc (the 3 pins): the female part of the Vesc is too large, reducing the contact surface (I found some “burning” marks on the male connectors, which seems to verifiy this hypothesis, I think?)

Anyway, my idea is to add some copper wires to tighten the connection without losing conductivity/contact surface. Can anyone tell me if that’s fine for both Vesc and Motor? Here’s what I mean:

I’d add some heat shrinking tubes around it.

Thanks in advance!

Yes I would imagine you are having problems. You are trying to plug a 4mm bullet connector into a 5.5mm socket. Upgrade the male 4mm bullets to 5.5mm


@psychotiller might have a good story for u onnsoldering those 3 together

Always good to have extras around.

You might want to try this mod while your at it:


That explains it. Thanks for the heads up!

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Cool, thanks for the tips!