Adding custom LiPo Battery to Evolve Electric board?

Guys. any thoughts on this?

Ive Evolve Bamboo Electric Board…cant ship it by airline, so wanted to buy or build my own battery and hook it to the board at my home from home abroad?

Any ideas on this? Evolve are charging $450 + shipping for their battery…

Is there an easier + cheaper way?

Cheers! :smiley:

Are you able to open it up to see the connector and S rating? Or do you know the batteries specs?

Hey Mate…thanks for replying, i was thinking this was gonna be a graveyard post :relaxed:

I don’t have the tool “yet” to get into he battery… but from reading online and asking Evolve:

Battery: Watt/Hour Rating: 7Ah x 36V = 252Wh.

Evolve said “The battery comes in one piece wrapped in heat shrink, with cables and BMS attached.”

Thats all I got for now…any thoughts?


So you’d need a 10s lipo. You can get 2 5s in series. You can get more than 7ah to get more range if you’d like. What charger do you think you are getting/have

What type of batteries do evolve use?

they don’t say…they say “custom designed”.

But on endless-sphere there is a guy building his own battery for a similar larger board.

he said this: Material list:

  • 62 cells Panasonic NCR18650b with nominal voltage of 3.6 and 3400mah capacity (2 spare cells incase i got a faulty one or I screw something up) (paid around 300€
  • 3m hilumin or nickel band (my hilumin band was 99.5% nickel) 10mm x 0.15mm for spot welding cells (10€)
  • multicoloured 0.5mm^2 cables for balancer connection (5€)
  • 2m black 6mm^2 cable for ± poles (2€)
  • balancer port. I linked these things cause it took me forever to find the compatible ones for a plug & play solution! :stuck_out_tongue:
  • about 2m 10x3mm sealing tape (I used neoprene stuff)
  • heat shrink tube 1m 195mm width…

Ok they must be lithium ion then.

I think a 10s lipo should work. Other people can help here.

There is an entire build by whitepony on endless including how to build your own Li-ion pack specifically for an evolve carbon. I’m pretty sure that evolve hadn’t evolved away from Lipo’s yet, especially as the carbon model ( their “best” ) is still lipo. So unless it’s a brand new model we haven’t heard of or seen I’d bet money on Lipo.

10s Lipo or an ion pack with similar spec is def the route. There are plenty of builder that could supply you with a pack that would outlast your current set up. You just need to open it up and see the space available.

I build custom flat lipo packs and I actually just built a handful of custom 10s packs for a user on endless sphere to replace the stock evolve bamboo battery. If you’re interested I have one last brand new 10s3p 8700mAh pack available that should swap over plug and play with the same connectors etc. Shoot me a PM if you want more details or are intersted in picking one up, I am asking $220 shipped within the US.

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If the stock Bamboo battery is 252 WH what does your 8700mAh pack offer? Trying to factor what the new range might be with the AT setup. Also how difficult was it to swap the existing battery?

37v x 8.7ah = 321.9wh at nominal voltage.

It is designed to be plug and play.

Hi SubCreative,

I am interested in a custom battery pack for an Evolve Carbon board. Can you please get in touch with me to discuss? [email protected]



Hi SubCreative, Is it possible to get a quote on a 10s2p custom battery that would work on my evolve carbon, I’ve looked online but I’m unsure about the discharge rate needed. I am in the UK so let me know if this is an issue with shipping. Could you please reply to my email address [email protected] so we can discuss this further. Cheers, Axel.

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I am curious what u did end up doing? since i have the same problem. Or maybe someone else know now the answer.

just build a 10sXp LiPo and attach a bms and then connect it to the old connectors? (6pin or what sort of connector is it?)

for example

this lipo 2 in series add a bms and thats it?

Yep I’m very intrigued on the answer to this too. Trying to figure out a solution to take the board overseas with me. Subcreative hit me up at [email protected]

Can you build me a custom battery pack for a Benchweel skateboard? Happy with the speed / power, but would really like increased range.


Hey dudes,


Im want a 2nd battery, a plug in and shred type battery. Im From South Australia 5064 I have a Evolve gen 2 - 36v 10a, would want identical range, Can u build a 20 amp battery for more milage or is that too big and heavy, if so would consider buying 2 x 36v 10 amp batteries off you. I understand if i went 20 amp i would need a bigger charger, like a 4 amp instead of a 2 amp which evolve sell off shelf as Fast Charger Dont know what brand batteries you use , Im a Panasonic fan and would rather panasonic or something thats better My email [email protected]

Thanks Man Bill

Hello, could you please send me your contact info to [email protected]? I’m interested on buying a battery from you. Thanks!