Adding Qi Charging to my GT2B Mod

So I have this Qi Reciever for my phone that I don’t use very often, and I just realized that I can possibly use this to charge my kickass gt2b mod. Pics:

Here is a close up of the connection terminals: Theoretically, if I just soldered the ground and +5v connections to the small lipo in the controller (in parallel) it should be able to charge, correct? I don’t wanna screw up. (also I’m doing this because I uber screwed up the usb charging port and have no way of charging atm) :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I should mention the enclosure is the madmunkey v1 from @FLATLINEcustoms

awesome idea and I think it can work. I want that munkey so bad!

Don’t solder it straight to the lipo inside. It needs to go into a charging circuit then to the battery. So you need to solder the positive and negative to the positive and negative of the USB input in parallel.


there is a tiny BMS attached to the battery, would I be finde soldering to it?

just do it like @seanpain4 suggested. Parallel to the incoming USB wires and you are all set.

@link5505 this is so awesome! Hope it works for you!

@Maxid did you see the MadMunkey thread yet?

Already downloaded and sent to print :slight_smile:

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Aw sweet! It works!


Nice work Mason!

now add qi charging to your board!

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too inefficient to work :confused:

great idea! This coupled with the battery LED monitor would be great to check battery status at a glance and easily charge it. I’m a huge fan of QI chargers (on several of my phones and tablets).

Nice work!!

I got this coming in the mail, I have a small cutout for the LEDS in the front side so it should be nice and easy :slight_smile:

exactly. only sucky part is $5 shipping for a 2.50 item.

yeah but oh well :confused:

ok so none of this really works after all. The 4 LED battery indicator didn’t work from the get go, and I’ve had this controller on the charging pad for a week now and it still isn’t fully charged. In fact, I think it just died! Whenever I put the controller on the pad I get LEDs on to indicate that I am charging, but whenever I take it off, it won’t turn on. I have the controller super glued together, so taking this apart will not be fun.

Any suggestions? I have microusb connectors lying around somewhere, but I’m not 100% sure where the positive and negative pins are.

If you have one connected, can’t you use a multimeter to find the +/- pins? Maybe desolder it first.

quick google search:

You are sure that selling high-energy custom batteries is a good idea? :wink:

This guy is a savage :joy: