Adding VESC on a Chinese Backfire Board Clone

Hiya i am new to the forums my plan is to try upgrading a cheap Backfire Clone board’s ESC to VESC since i’ve seen it done in a video on youtube by Dr Circuit i believe he is a member of the forums also, i am wondering if anyone else has tried it and where maybe i can get spare wheels compatiable with these boards or any other parts i am buying the board for about 450$ and i belive VESCs go around 100$+?

I just ordered the Magneto board for that same reason. Dr circuit shows it well so i decided to let this be my entry Esk8 :smiley: cant wait to get it and mod it with the Vesc!

cool thanks for replying feel free to leave info about your experience here lol,
mine might be coming next week cant wait as well ordered the vesc but it wont be here yet.

confusing title lol, I thought there was a China board coming with the VESC already inside

ah my bad i’ll edit it lol

I just made a tutorial “step by step” to replace the ESC by a VESC, inspired by Dr circuit’s video. Made by a noob, for the noobs :slight_smile:

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