Adding wall charging to esk8 build

If you really want to track your batteries (Not sure if the Daly BMS has bluetooth or the other functions in this one) you can go with a LTT smart BMS. You install the app, set the values and your able to track your voltage, helps out with charging as well since you can set a value and when it reaches that value it releases a trigger point to prevent your batteries from overcharging or if it does go over the voltage, you can manually shut off the charge port via the app. Basically it makes sure your batteries don’t get messed up, especially Lipos. Keeps the cells balanced and alerts you if a problem happens. I got a Lipo setup as well and this BMS has been going great. I got a wiring diagram if your interested

(This one is designed for 12s, hooking it up is the same)


It’s supposed to be b0, which is b- and it starts at the negative terminal of the battery (first balance lead). Then it goes from b1-b6 on the same battery leads before you move to the second side. You must remember to skip the first balance lead on the second side since that will be b0 as well. You do not need it after b6. Your last wires should be done accordingly and end on b12, at the positive side of the terminal.

Sorry, I had to correct someone’s grammar and the guy got mad for it and locked me out. All good though.

I’m still confused because I think I wired it corresponding to what you’re saying, but it’s still not charging. I’m just gonna guess that I did some aspect of it wrong. So, I attached an image of how it is currently wired, and if you could tell me what part is wrong that would be awesome!

I’d love to see the wiring diagram thank you!

I attached a wiring diagram of how mine is currently setup if this helps in identifying the problem.