Adjusting current scale vesc

Hi does anyone know how I can adjust the current scale in the vesc software? Both battery and motor currents are off by about 10amps or so when drawing 40amps at the phase output . I have checked this with 3 different meters which check out to be the same but the vesc is under! Thanks Adam

Here’s a video of my issue

What VESC you have? Depending on the hardware version, maybe it is only a 2 shunt version so the current reading is not as accurate?

It’s a 4.12 yeah it has 2 shunts. I thought there would be a scale that could be changed in the firmware. It’s off by quite abit when running at 40amps the vesc thinks it’s 25amp.

mmm… maybe some of the components are not the correct spec.

So worked it out not fixed though!! It’s pretty much half so when the batterys currant is 10amps the vesc thinks it’s 5 amps same goes for motor amps. If I put a different shunts in would this fix the issue? Would i have to go up or down in ohms?

Some components in the current sensing circuit are possibly wrong. Who made this vesc? Probably ask them directly