Advice - more speed/torque

Here is my current setup

What I want to know is what would be the cost effective was to increase speed / torque on this board? This was my first build and I really enjoyed it. I hopefully look forward to more, wife permitting :slight_smile:

A second motor


Taller gearing to go with the second motor if you want more torque and speed

bigger wheels would give you more top speed but would trade off a bit of acceleration

Can you post a screen shot of your Vesc settings?

I was thinking he should be going pretty quick on the current setup already

I agree unless he doesn’t have enough torque and the motor is bogging down. His gearing is a bit tall. I’m curious what his motor max amps setting is. If he’s running less than 80a, that could be the problem. Adding a second motor would definitely help as well.

vesc motor and battery amp settings = more low and high speed torque

higher gear ratio = more speed

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So he has the same 2:1 ratio I have on my dual build. I noticed a huge difference between 16/36 and going to 18/36.

What kind of speeds on flat ground are you getting? Have you hit the boards max speed yet?

Gearing: 13/36(Or40) and 100/110mm wheels.

I will post my Vesc settings tonight when I get home from work. I am currently topping out at about 27 mph.

Here are my settings. Please tell me what you think! I am also planning on making it a dual setup. I am planning on getting … TB extended trucks a second Ollin VESC from someone on this forum second SK3 6364 190kv motor mount and gears from TB I also thought abut the 20t motor (15mm) pulley for TB

I grew up longboarding and loved DH riding so I really want to=he option for more speed. Thanks!

Increase motor max to 80 and battery max to 40. That will give some kick to your board.

also uncheck the limit erpm with negative torque

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As @cwazy1 stated, motor max 80 batt max 40 and uncheck “Limit erpm with negative torque”

Also Set max erpm to 60000 and min erpm to -60000 If you run it over 60000, you might fry your Vesc.

Going from 40a to 80a motor max will make a noticeable increase in torque.

Upgrading to a dual drive would help as well and give you more even torque and improved braking.


WOAH! Thanks guys. It’s cold here in Baltimore so I only took it around the block but that really really helped!


if you find that now you’re accelerating faster and also want stronger brakes, you can bump your motor min down to -80 and also your battery min down to -16. Don’t go any lower than those numbers but feel free to go anywhere higher than those numbers.

I have a similar gear ratio and a 12s4p just dual motor and I top out around 45mph on 107s on flat ground and I weight a little north of 300 so you should be easily getting 30mph+ with your set up now.

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What’s your motor and battery settings?

Motor amps is 80 per focbox and 30amps per focbox for battery amps.

I may bump up the motor amps on mine. See what that does for acceleration