Advice - more speed/torque

What is are your settings? When I changed mine it was an incredible difference.

60focbox and 65 motor each focbox

whats the max motor amps the focbox is said to be able to do? that’s the low speed torque and battery amps are the high speed torque. on the vesc I think it was 120 but may be different with different versions. I run 120 on both 4.12 I have with no problem and the least cogging at the slowest speed, but i’m using hub motors so you might not need so much

Well FocBox is rated for 60 and the motors said 65

60 battery, what about motor amps? the motor ratings are empty and sure you could do more for a short period. they should state at what amperage the magnetic field cant be further built in the stator steel, so maybe linear efficiency happens till 65 amps with such a kv, and beyond that the current is turned to mostly heat

this is what I get

So I also upgraded this to a dual setup, I see some people say half my settings, others leave them the same. I didn’t see a clear answer, how are dual VESC settings different from a dual? (I’m running split ppm so the remote will be setup the same)