Advice needed-Motor stuck when belt and wheel installed

Hello guys, I wonder if someone would have an idea of the problem encountered here: when I try both motors without belts and wheels, they work fine, when i put both belt and wheel one of the motors struggles to spin the wheel. I cannot see what is the blocking point, it is really frustrating I wanted to attach a short video of the problem but cannot manage to do it

Motor mount or pulley seems to not be aligned. You can check if there’s any warp issues. If not, try uploading by camcorder or make a link to your video.

Here is the link for the video. I hope it’s clear enough. A bit of additional background info: the problem occurred after I 1/ changed the ESC 2/ Realized that a couple of screws maintaining the motor where loose or gone. I replaced the screws but the problem remained. At one point I thought the screws may be a bit too long and touch the turning part, but then it would do the same without the belt on.

Did you run motor detection after changing the esc? Usually that’s the cause. Another reason this happens is probably the phase wire acting up. Check those as well

Thanks for your quick response. No, I did not do a motor detection. I asked the manufacturer if it was necessary. How do you do that? For the phase wire, I am not an electrical specialist, so i don’t have a clue how to check that :smiley:

First question, what esc is it exactly? If its a vesc based esc, you should be able to use vesc tool and run foc detection.

The second is the connection of the motor wire. Those wires are called phase wires. There are 3 phases. To check them, you just switch the wires from one side of the esc to the other side and see if the same thing happens in the opposite side. If those phase wire on the esc still shows the same issue on the same side of the esc after switching the motor to the opposite side, one side of the esc phase wire is damaged.

If the one motor that was bugging out still bugs out after you switched it and the other motor works fine after switching it, the motor phase wire is messed up. To make sure its the motor and not the esc, you would run detection, or switch out one of the phase wires until it spins. You only need to do it 3 times.