Advice on connecting the Dual FSESC 6.6 to the battery


I’m trying to figure how i should connect the fsesc dual 6.6 to the battery. The esc comes with a 8 awg cable, which does not fit the xt90 plug that i planned to use.

I tried to unsolder the cable to replace it with 10 awg (which should be enough for the power i intend to draw), but after heating it for a while i was unable to melt the huge shunk of solder, also didn’t want to damage the esc.

I could try and thin the cable to fit the xt90 plug but that’s kind of a crappy fix, or maybe go for 5.5 bullet connectors, i don’t know,…

Any advice ?

bullet connectors would work, just make sure that you don’t reverse the positive and negative terminals. I would personally just thin the cables though.

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I managed to get the 6.6’s 8 Awg onto xt90 without modification… Clamped it down really hard before soldering. Might have bent it a little but it worked. Bullet connector would work or just running a blade around the end of the wire to trim off some of the strands would probably work too. Depending on how much amps you are running, I would not replace the wires with anything smaller.


Well the battery comes with 10 awg, if that’s not enough i’ll have other problems :wink:

I might try to clamp it thanks, if that does not go well i’ll just trim it.

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soldering 8 awg works just fine on xt90s. all you gotta do is tin the wire very well with a very hot iron. then cut the tip of the tinned wire at a diagonal. then tin the xt90 and solder the wire onto the xt90, pushing the tip of the wire all the way into the connector. no you don’t get a massive point of resistance as the amount of solder used works in its place :blush:


Nice, didn’t think of that. Thanks :smile: