Advice on ESCs: FVT Sleeping Lion?

I’m looking at ESCs, and I’d rather not spend tons of money on one. I found the FVT Sleeping Lion on Aliexpress for $130 USD shipped (FATJAY Favourite Sleeping Lion 120A 5 12S High Voltage sensored ESC dual motor drive controller for electric skateboard|Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress) and was wondering if it is a decent choice. I plan on using a 48v (12s?) battery, but will want to prioritize efficiency over power and won’t draw a lot of amps, say 20 or less.

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Hobbywing or makerx will do you wonders.

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Looks like I can get the Hobbywing 22A esc for $72 with the remote. Is it possible to program the Hobbywing esc with a computer to change the parameters?

No. What you see is what you get, hence the price

As Jgo said, no. Only with a vesc type esc you can.