Advice on fitting this pulley to Lush Avalanche 70mm wheels

Trying to fit the follow kit to the wheels on my lush samba board. Pulley fits back of wheel perfectly and the 10 hole design match’s the five bolt design however this kit doesn’t come with a bolt retaining ring for the outside. The hex heads on the bolts are going to be pulled through as they are small and washers will make a mess of the nylon hub because of curved profile.

I need something like in this design.

throw that motor mount away.

Solution: Get Kegel wheels.

or he could just get a retainer ring…

i think you missed the entire point of this thread :rofl: he can’t install it cause it didn’t come with the retainer ring, everything else is fine. getting kegels wouldn’t help


get washer

Get a shim washer and drill holes in it.

Just print one, or check 3dhubs if you dont own a printer

Don’t think I have patience to wait for something to be 3D printed. Found this in garage.Just need to transfer holes position and drill them.



Good score on finding right size washer in garage. Although patience might be tested and wheel balance. Take time to line up holes properly. And now all I hear is G’N’R “patience” playing in the background :kissing_smiling_eyes:<whistling…

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you could use small washers on each bolt ive done this befor worked out well some one here has to have one at the end of a box i just gave 1 away

I think this washer has been heat treated as its hard as nails and it just blunting my drills already broke one been over zealous. I’ve tried annealing it by sticking it in the flame of the cooker top but didn’t really get it cherry red or anything then I let it cool naturally. Then I had another go but still no dice. Think I may have work hardened it now on them spots. Any advice apart from going and buying a pillar drill.

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have some one here print you one or buy one, probably cheaper than a drill

@ricoghardforth good effort to get them lined up! Are you using a drill press? Bits designed for metal drilling? Any shop w a drill press should be able to do those for you for $10.

heat treated steel makes almost any drill bit seem like it’s made of cheese :rofl:

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It’s probably work hardened now, a cobalt bit in a drill press would be useful

Got one of them Bosch multi material drills and had another go with my dewalt this time using some 2 stroke oil from my petrol mountain board as a coolant. Was patient this time and two full drill Battires later i’ve manage to drill all five wholes.

Now I need to find if I can make a 8mm bore pulley fit securely on a 5mm bore shaft. Has any one had any luck with reducing bush’s. My motor shaft is 5mm with a flat section. I incorrectly ordered 8mm to 4mm reducing bush from RS which I tried hand drilling out to 5mm but it’s ended up lobsided. I would have order another but they don’t do a 8 to 5mm and next one up is a 8 to 6mm reducer.

I have however ordered a new pulley which I think has same pitch but with one less tooth 15 not 16 but to fit a 5mm bore but it will be a couple of weeks before it arrives. Does this look right.

This is pulley kit from eBay. 16 tooth on motor cog, 15mm wide pully 3M pitch. Yes I know the mount is wank.

Wrong size reducing bush i’ve Tried.

This is the new cog i’ve Ordered

Dam the motor pully I’ve ordered is to wide at 16mm as I’ve got a 10mm wide belt so I’ve had another look and ordered this one. One good thing is its a d-type bore cutout to match my motor shaft.

What current draw would you expect unloaded i.e board upside down motor spinning belt and wheel just spinning in air. At full throtle I’m pulling 8-9 amps on my watt meter is this right or is maybe my belt to tight.