Advice on how to stiffen a Vanguard Loaded deck without carbon fiber UPDATED

Carbon on the top is more or less pointless. If you can’t put it where it should be you should just use skateboard plies, like maple.

If you put a few layers of carbon up top it will make it stiffer, but it’s also likely to fail and then you’re kind of stuck with the mess.


Oh okay thanks for the advice. So maybe I’ll just some plies. You think just one will do it? Should I use bamboo or maple? Trying to hit take some flex out of it not all. And trying to keep it light and thin as possible.

It’s not terribly flexy now I weight 210 so it’s too flexy for my weight.

Any links you can find helps I’ve never added any plies before its an expensive deck so I don’t want to ruin it

Says top won’t do much.

Basic structural engineering applied to composite layups.

Okay so im not doing carbon fiber since i got chewed out for thinking about doing it on top :slight_smile:

SO i attached a pic of the bottom of my deck, can you guys maybe suggest an alternative? there is really only an issue right in front of the rear battery near the middle of the board. IF possible id like to just keep the original sprayed on grip tape. what do you guys think i can add to the bottom of the board to stiffen it?

Maybe something i can run along the entire border of the board? itd make the deck wider but im okay with that.

Judging from what I can see, taking all that stuff off and putting some carbon or another ply on the bottom doesn’t seem too much work. What in particular is holding you back ?

Because my two enclosures are held on magnetically, all of my batteries and electronics are permenatly attached to the deck, also the magnets (20) are embedded in the deck already. If I a layer of carbon on top it’ll further extend the distance between the magnets and weaken the connection.

Those magnets are a very good idea, I like it. If it was my board and I really wasn’t happy with the flex, I’d rip it all off, add a layer of glass fibre or carbon and put everything back. Anything else would end up being a half-assed solution anyway.

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Thanks! When I’m done with my build very soon I’ll post a build thread on everything I did.

And yes that’s true. Maybe I’ll do that or maybe I’ll lose a couple pounds hahah

What bothers you about the flex ? I’m Godzilla sized and ride a Loaded Dervish and love the flex.

At one point the cost of making it stiff or other crazy hacklish idea you might just get a new stiff deck. At least is new, stiff for sure and no hassle :smile:

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you know what, just do it. just do the carbon on top. f what everyone says, its not going to make it any more flexible.

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Yea I think you should do the carbon on top too. See what happens. And tell us. Doing better than buying.

The resin and carbon cost… I’d ask They have a hotline where they’ll answer questions and you can get their stuff in small quantities. Maybe you could do it with polyurethane resin instead of epoxy and save your nose. Think you can. I like task9 with its properties and hour cure time Or do the bottom and seal in the magnets. If they’re too weak you could grind through

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I feel like it’s way too flexy. And I like to make sharp turns that a very loose board prob would have a hard time with

I’m thinking about taking some carbon fiber sqaure tube and running along the border of my deck on the outside only where it is needed. I don’t want to ruin the grip on the deck anymore. If I don’t do a layer of carbon I save myself a lot of money. This build has already cost me a lot :slight_smile:

Running carbon tubing along the deck sounds grotesque. And how would you hold it…glue probably wouldn’t hold. I’ve got a carbon deck top and bottom I bought. Such a lazy bum as I have the bag and am telling others to do it. Bustin sportster carbon.

I’ve had three of these boards and each one was different the different years produced. One 9ply wood, one 4 wood and 6glass, and one(this) 4 wood 4glass and two carbon. This is stiff and thin

I took the grip tape off intending to glue on some sand or something with task9 but I find the grip is t important to me and I’ve left it with just a layer of task9 to protect.

I like ur board though and almost got it myself. Rode it and it’s fun. Really like the flex. But at faster speeds I thought it’d be too wiggly so got this. With the holes in it I’d carbon it up if I were u. And what about those other handsome boards in your avatar. You’ve got s collection and might as well make your own at this point

2 stiffening runners running lengthwise inthe center of the board would stiffen the center of the board and reduce the total flex a lot.

They could be done for $10 worth of epoxy and fiberglass.

Blue is the profile of the FG cloth. This is the proper way of making something stiffer, notice it looks a little bit like a pick up truck bed.

Two or three layers Should work awesome, and weigh almost nothing…

You could also just glue and screw some oak in that same shape,

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In FG I’d make it 25-35mm tall. And at least a 30 mm surround lip for gluing

Cover the area with packing tape,

make a mold from foam or pipe, cardboard or clay on the board.

2-3 layers of 4oz FG to start.

Demould and epoxy onto board. heat gun if you must remove ever. Can drill small holes for LEDs too.

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