Advice on parts list

First time Building an electric skateboard, so I would like to know what could be changed with the list below… Here is my parts list.

Single motor mechanical kit diy-el … nical-kit/ (For ease of assembly. I don’t want to scavenge around for the rights parts.) 6364-213kv motor … motor.html (I believe I want to get a higher kv rated motor probably 260.) VESC speed controller diy-el … board-esc/ (I don’t know if this is the best VESC for servo connector for VESC diy-el … connector/ 2.4 ghz remote diy-el … ontroller/ 6s 25c LiPo battery … -pack.html (This battery doesn’t have a BMS, so I will not be getting now)

My first question is with the battery: The one I chose doesn’t have a BMS, so I would like to get a good battery with a BMS that will work well with the motor I get. My second question is with the motor: should I get a 260 kv motor. I need it for semi-steep hills. If I do Imagine Ill need a different battery probably 8s.

Besides that, any modifications or tips would be appreciated

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The lower kv a motor is, the more torque and the steeper the hills you could climb. If you were to get an 8s battery, you should keep the 213 kv or lower motor.

If you have just one lipo, then you won’t need a bms.

Also, @barajabali make good battery packs

Here’s a post about it

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The VESC is designed for higher voltage and will preform significantly better with a 10S battery. Then to adjust to the higher voltage you should get a lower kV motor. A lot of people do 190kV on 10S.

Or 230 if you want SPEED! :smiley:

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for the remote if you’re not looking to get the nano pyschotiller sells the same one for half the price. i use the 260kv motor with 8s batteries and they pull me up hills just fine