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Advice with Boosted drive wheels, and Enertion mounts

I ordered an Enertion motor mount and 12mm pulley kit, but I realized I needed flywheels, which are pretty expensive (even the clones) when it comes to shipping and dollar conversion to my country. I already have the Boosted drive wheels so may as well put them to use, and as mentioned by user @cdn he used a 15mm belt and HTD 3M pulley. I already ordered the Enertion stuff, but I think I could still cancel it, since they haven’t shipped yet, but I’m not sure yet. Has anyone else done this? Mounted their Boosted wheels onto their board, and could anyone guide me through it?


It might work but you’d have to make sure the drive wheel and pulley work with your trucks. HTD 5 has more traction and torque so it might be best to invest for them. In heat wheels are bit small as well so you might lose out on top speed.

I’m not really a speedster kind of guy. I just like cruising around and getting my way around town, and most importantly range. I’d say top speed I’d go is 20km/h, I never go really fast.

Sure that works. Like I said, just make sure the pulley works with the truck. If you plan to user enertion’s mount then make sure it works caliber II’s. You can use the center distance designer to find out how to mount it and how long of a belt you’ll need.

I have Enertions trucks, should be fine yes?

no idea, stick the Boosted drive wheel on there and see if it spins freely. Do a mock up with a motor and check if everything will fit in place.

Okay, have to wait for my motor to get in, so close but so far. It’s at a postage facility in transit a few hours away from me.

Does anyone know what size pulley Boosted uses? I was directed by @cdn that he bought his on this site, since he has also done a build with Boosted’s wheels. I know I need a 15mm belt size.

Here is the site I was talking about, already has 15mm filter on it.

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Airmacx, you can just use one topic to ask all your questions. It helps to keep the forum more organised and reduces spam. Your new thread will be moved into this one.

I’m gonna run Boosted drive wheels which use HTD 3M 15mm belts. All I know so far is the wheels have 50 teeth and the pulley has 14 teeth. I have those two things but next thing I need is deciding the size and all that. Anyone else know the exact pulley Boosted uses?


You will need to know the distance between the centers of your pulley and drive wheel gear, but this should help you figure out your belt size once you get your motor mounts.

I know which belts I need to use, just need the pulley size and all that.

Are you going for the new version or the original. With the original, they used the InHeat wheels and you have to drill them to mount the gear. It works fine, but no reason to do the extra work unless you already have a set. On the new version, they use the Kegels. I like the Kegels better and they’re using a plastic gear that mounts easier since the Kegels already have the hole pattern.

Any specific reason for trying to get the same gear ratios and setup as Boosted?

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