Aerodrive SK3 6364 245KV and HK x-car beast 150A

Hi everyone

I am currently using:

  • Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-245KV Brushless Outrunner Motor
  • HobbyKing 120A Boat ESC 4A UBEC
  • 2 x ZIPPY Flightmax 8000mAh 3S1P 30C Lipo Pack
  • Madrid longboard with stock trucks
  • Orangatang kegel wheels

Because acceleration is crap and breaking with this ESC is even bigger crap i would like to replace it. Would HK X-Car Beast Series ESC 150A be a good option for an ESC upgrade?

What confuses me is the descriptin of the ESC where is states that it only works with 4-pole motors. Can this be a problem?

PS: im on a budget so VESC is not an option at the moment :frowning:

VESC is only 25 bucks more. diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/

It really makes no sense the get the x-car instead.

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hobbyking has their own vesc 75 bucks. not sure if it’s worth it. hw 4.10 and says foc do able

Thanks for your reply but VESC really is not an option for now. If i order it from the site you posted i had to add tax and shipping costs which could make the VESC cost almost 180 USD.

Even if i order VESC from somewhere inside EU i am looking at similar costs.

EDIT: yes i have also noticed hobbyking “vesc” but im not sure how performance compares to normal vesc

The hobbyking VESC is likely worse than most others, similar to the maytech VESC I would imagine.

However that being said its probably still better than the xcar in terms of braking and refinement. At 6S the xcar can probably put out more power though. To be on the safe side you’d need to program the VESC conservatively. No FOC and I’d stay around 30 batter amps which at 6S is only around 600W.

Also if you get the xcar you’ll need a programing card to set it up well.

It is hard for me to resist a VESC when i see all the configuration options that can be made through PC application but for now it is far from my budget.

For now x-car beast would have to do. My only concern is if it is compatible with my SK3 motor. I found some posts when googling that number of poles between motor and ESC could produce problems. But looking at this site i found that some are using it without any issues.

Ill just go for x-car and hopefully nothing blows up. :smiley:

I ahve seen many builds with that set up, and I am looking myself for that option for my build, specially because of the same reason as you, cost goes up to 175usd with shipping of all available vescs.

You should not have problems with it. Ask @lowGuido, I think he has lots of experience with it.

By the way, that batteries where my go to option. What’s your range with them?


I think you are throwing more good money after bad.

You bought a boat ESC (crap), and now getting another meh ESC…

Why don’t you sell your boat ESC for a few $, and get VESC instead.

Remember that you will still need a programming card for the X-Car - to at least adjust brakes if nothing else.

On top of all these reasons if you go VESC, you will be able to go more than 6s down the road. For when you want to go faster, or want more power… win win win.

I understand being on a budget, but i would seriously consider working a bit of OT, or selling the boar ESC to help fund the difference…

Also - look for used VESC/FOCBOX here and see if someone can ship as gift to avoid some taxes!


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Batteries in this setup are new and i didnt have the time yet to test the range. Also the weather here is not so ride friendly atm. :confused:

Those who bought HK x-car 150A what is your experience with it? Any issues? Is it possible to configure through PC or only through programming card?

Watched a few youtube videos where this x-car ends fried and covered in smoke…not so encouraging. :scream:

VESC is looking more and more tempting but unless i get a good deal for it wont be an option atm.

If anyone can recommend a VESC that is available (shipped) in EU and i wont have to sell my liver for it i will consider this option. :slight_smile: Like you said it is an great option for any future upgrades.

I have the sk3 6354 and I run it with x-car 150a Works great. No complaints.

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esc works without any problem. it will coggy a lot so u need to push first. brake is very weak but I got around with reverse as brake. u Def need programing card.

I use vesc atm but that’s cuz I burned my esc and switched. if were not Id probably kept esc set up.

that being said, vesc is miles better for sure. 200usd is really worth spending

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I have the 120a Xcar esc and it’s been great. Not once overheated. The only problem is you need to make sure you get the programming card so you can set the motor timing to max and adjust the brake and acceleration


Get the xcar. Its cheap, Reliable, and imho the best ESC available for 6S. VESC are good but if you are going to go with a cheap VESC <$200 you are buying a DRV cooker. Just look at how many threads there are on this forum about VESC problems. If you are going more than 6S then by all means buy VESC. But buy from ollin or enertion or trampa.

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Couldn’t agree more with @lowGuido’s statement. For 6s I wouldn’t go with the VESC but 8s+ I would highly recommend it. At 22v you pull too many amps, and the VESC is not the best at doing that

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I know LG is all about the budget build and has good luck with the xcar, but as for VESC failures - i still get the sense that most are when pushing the edge of what it can do. I have 8 plus 4.xx VESC’s. I’ve killed 3 out of stupidity. And repaired 2 myself (with help from a guy here).

If you get a decent quality VESC (not the maytech imo), run conservative settings (not 12s and FOC, or over 200kv w/ 10s or more) - i have my oldest VESC going strong after 2.5 years or more now. 8s, BLDC, moderate settings and just keeps plugging along.

I seriously would look for a used FOCBOX (direct FETs are nice - but i’d still be conservative), or any of the others. Yes MTBF still applies and you can get a brand spanking new VESC and have it fail right out of the box… happens. But unlikely.

my .02

I have built boards that cost thousands. Im not “all about the budget build” im all about the build Which is going to best suit the person building it. I currently have 5 VESC’s and I havent blown one yet. (Touching wood) If I thought the VESC was the right decision I would recommend it.

I have to second @lowGuido everytime with this topic. I run a sk3 6364 with the xcar 150A on my 6s build and it´s nice and powerfull.

Your options if you ask me:

  • 6s - get the Xcar 150A - best thing you can do on 6s
  • add another 3s to go to 9s and use a vesc. There are a couple of group buys for the Focbox for about 120 Euro.

A standard low budget Vesc under 200 Euro will not deliver anywhere near the Xcar on 6s. Vesc is made to last on proper settings at 10s optimum.


Thanks for all the info and help. :+1: I ordered x-car and program card…cant wait to try it out. Since you are very familiar with x-car settings and probably tested all of them. Can you please recommend a few settings which you use? Speed is not my first priority but i like to have enough torque to climb hills.

I have te Xcar esc and have the motor timing set to max, acceleration set to the minimum and braking set to about 50% although the brakes are very soft but I can’t go any higher or my belt slips