Aerodynamic Kits for EMTB

Is it Possible to improve battery efficiency with an aerodynamic package?

This is what we want to find out.

After about 3 years of tinkering with 3D printed parts and a graveyard of discarded prototypes, I have managed to make a completely 3D printed aero package for the Trampa Holypro Deck that fits onto both Matrix 2 trucks and the Trampa line of trucks. This does include my own Gear Box Drive with industrial MultijetFusion Nylon Gears (possibly the lightest but I am not sure :sweat_smile:). The aero package is modular so I will have many designs to choose from either as an .STL file so you can 3D print which kit you want to test or you can order the kit directly from our suppliers and test its performance using your Vesc Tool Log.

The early signs are that it seems there is some performance depending on riding conditions for example when its windy and when cruising uphill. I will be posting some data on the performance of the S1 wing as I put it through some more testing.

Here are some screenshots of the CFD analysis of the S1 wing. So far the analysis suggests that the wing is generating about 2.4kg of downforce at 25Kmh. I just finished painting the wing so I have not started doing real testing as I am also a full-time dad but I will get to it as soon as I find the time. My site should be up by end of February for those who have already asked me.


For some of us it would pump up the battery efficiency quite a lot by just losing some kilos :man_shrugging::joy:



As I’ve written previously into MP: your wheel protection (fenders) is a really great idea, I will wait with a lot of enthusiasms the 3D files to adapt them to my board. My use will be against mud/grass/small stones projection during all-road rides.

Perhaps you have to protect it under licences (even GPL) otherwise company will take your project without any notification nor greating to your work.

i’d buy that just to look like fucking batman on his batmobile

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hahaha! I know exactly what you mean :sweat_smile:

I don’t think you’ll improve anything on efficiency with this :sweat_smile:

I do however think it looks awesome as hell

Thanks, you are probably right lets see what the data says.