Affordable setup

Hello, planning on building a board with the diyeboard 10s5p pack, but Idk what to do for the rest of the board, esc, drive train… I’m located in the UK and need to be able to climb relatively steep hills and it’s quite expensive for quality parts. Budget is sub £800. Thanks!

Got to be straight with you…

Diyeboards comprise quality for cost

800 quid is a decent budget

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Where in UK and what kind of board u thinking of

If you have a 20%- Off code a raptor 2 would only cost 1050 pounds. That would beat terrible 10a cells for diyboard, and it should be semi waterproof.

I Once had found that code somewhere but I lost it, but by not it’s probably expired.

I’m from the South West, Somerset. Thinking of a vanguard board or similar, I’m 6,2 so would like something with decent length. A raptor for £1000 is out of my budget unfortunately.

damn, for 800 pounds you can make a pretty nice board. I would use the search bar and browse through some vanguard builds, there is a lot of them. Good luck and make sure to pick your parts wisely


I’ve been doing research and it seems hard, motors are usually 100+,focbox 150, batteries prebuilt 300+, deck, 150+,wheels trucks mounting etc… Seems hard without using cloned parts.

ESC - ESCape £135 Caliber 50 degree - £35 Kegels £55 Deck - you can find good deals on facebook groups and ebay lets say £50. Theres even a group buy for a esk8 deck here for $120~ Motor Mount - £30 Motor Pulley - £5 Belts £4 Motor - £80 Battery - I don’t know Wheel pulley - I don’t know Bearings - £20 Enclosure - £25

What are your go to sites for parts in the UK I have no clue how you get calibers for 35 for a pair? Thanks

I made a similar post here.

Not much choice, explore the whole of Europe. The marketplace here is pretty active can also pickup some parts from there. I personally have a few extra drivetrain parts Ill like to get rid of

Like look

Brand new motor including motor pulley for £50

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I’ve had a pair of these caliber clones that were fine (for a budget board etc)

Look what I found on AliExpress

Nice, but the real ones are only $20 more

Wait escape (vesc6) is only €135?

Yeah u can import real ones for under £40 which is cheaper than buying in the UK so it brings my total cost down anyways, im probaly only after some flywheel 97mm clones atm

Where can i actually purchase one, all i see is the announcement thread?

I think that was the group buy price not sure

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I think theres a waiting list etc.

Best to ask @stewii

I would look at HobbyKing for motors, Keda, Sk3 and the new esk8 range of motors are all great choices

I looked at Hk but their motor was out of stock and APS sell motors for £75 :slight_smile: