After 5 days of intense research, I noticed the rabbit hole is too deep, please help me understand it more clearly, so I can start building

I will start by listing my wants, but keep in mind, I’m not sure if I know what I want when it comes to electronics…

Budget is 1500-2000$

MAX 30 MPH speed, and MINIMUM 30 miles range.

Wanting to use my already owned stiff 7 ply maple board, (unless it’s not Ideal…)

All Terrain wheels

good suspension

VESC instead of ESC (smoother accelerate, and decelerate)

180/190/200 kv Sensored motors + VESC for smoother accelerating and decelerating.

Dual Belt driven sensored motors.

Molicel p42A batteries unless there is same quality but more quantity option (quality > quantity)

I want the possibility to connect two remote controllers. (one with limit of 12 MPH, and the other with limit 24-30 MPH) instead of one controller with multiple speed options, (but I don’t know how…)


What kind of belt drive dimensions should I use, considering trucks, wheel diameter, and key mounts? I would prefer wheels to be 120mm or even more…

What suspension and trucks should I use? (I want to go offroad).

Batteries minimum 10s5p (4000-4200mah) / (720W-756W)

Vesc + Sensored motors for smooth accelerating, and decelerating, something more I need for smooth speed-transmission?

Two controllers with different speed limits = Dual PPM receiver, something else?

High discharge BMS and «laptop» charger + anti spark switch, is enough? Is anti spark switch safest? (I want over current protection)

Is it possible with All terrain wheels without Bearings? (would be nice with no rusty bearings) (or willl no bearings result in instant stop, no rolling when I release the accelerator?)…

How to make the board IP67, or atleast IP66 resistant?

Which type of bindings for foot is best?

  • Ratchet bindings
  • Camlock bindings
  • Hook bindings
  • Luxury-hook bindings
  • Heel straps

What else do I need to make my own DIY ESK8 board? Thank you in advance for taking time and guiding a noob!!

All of this depends on your purchase. They’re all different sizes and different styles of dimensions. You will have to figure out what vendor you are buying from and see if all the parts can be built on each other. For example:

Matrix II trucks has their own mounts and drive system.

Trampa has their own system as well.

And some can have their trucks accessible to different type of caliber mounts or precision mounts, etc.

Trampa barrel type trucks or matrix II trucks. You can use RKP trucks that are a bit large like bioboards trucks, torqueboards trucks, etc. Basically anything that is mountain board type build.

P42A batteries basically. You can ask these two vendors on price:

Look into stormcore 60D or makerx DV6 (not the pro version). Both are great esc and buy the motors from flipsky. They make great motors with sensors. It also comes with the parts you need and can solder you 5.5mm bullet connectors (if you choose the DV6).

You can try to use your hands to control your speed instead of building a limit. Unless you’re willing to change the esc settings and make a custom setting to limit the second remote, but you’ll need a Bluetooth module for your esc to do this, and the vesctool app on your phone.

If you’re doing the laptop charger charging, you’ll need that converter. You don’t really need to put a high discharged bms if you purchased from the battery vendors. All you need to do is not brake at full charge. Instead of an antispark switch, make a loop key with an XT90 antispark connection.

Then buy the loop key mount from here:

Saved you the troubles of the antispark failure. I lost a lot of money because of that alone.

Never heard this being done. Just take care of the bearings and swap them if they go bad. A skateboard without bearings is something i have yet to see.

Use rubber gasket to seal your component in the enclosure, silicone/hotglue holes that was created by you and it might come close to what you’re trying to achieve. The motors however, you might need to find info on how to make them water resistant. Its a lot of work on the motor part.

I can’t answer this. Never did ride with bindings myself. I like riding it like a regular skateboard.

If you’re planning to keep your deck, use RKP trucks instead since the trampa and matrix II trucks both need a 35° angled deck in order to have turning. You will also need vesctool knowledge and practice with speed limitations by changing your duty cycle within the esc and saving your preferences so that you can change it later.

I do not know if you can put one remote and the other one a limit without the other remote affecting the current setting for the other. This is something that hasn’t been done without changing settings or just making it with 3 speed mode instead (easier to do).

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