After 7 years work, 4 generations of prototype production, we’ve finally delivered this all terrain board, Cycleagle ASSN-4S

Hello, everyone!

This is Javen, the founder of Cycleagle. At first we are just three individuals passionate about outdoor adventures and we have always been fascinated over the idea to travel with an off-road vehicle possible to carry along. In the March of 2012, we were initially inspired by the concept of remote controlled models, and we wanted to apply the techniques of a car into these RC models, but one of the biggest issues is to minimize its net weight while retaining a robust base for an affordable payload. then upon comparing all sorts of sports appliances, snowboarding caught our attention. why don’t we abandon the carport, the steering wheel and seat and then initiate the steering by remote control just like how the snowboards are by inertia.

Based on this idea, we finished the first generation of prototype in 2013, a cross-country e-board with independent suspension shock absorption. Taking from there, we submitted our design patent application, and earned approval in 2016. This prototype has won us the national invention patent, along with seven patents of originality after years of endeavors on optimizations. The first-generation prototype only implements some desirable functions, but we found many problems upon testing, so we made a series of systematic and strategic optimizations. From 2014 to 2019, we completed four generations of prototype production, with upgraded structure (dimensions as well), more comprehensive functionalities, lower energy consumption, enhanced stability, remote control. This an arduous journey of repeated sketch overturns, design revisions, production plans and road testing…

And finally we get the one we think it’s ready for the market, this Cycleagle ASSN-4S.

Here is the specs for this board:

We can’t wait for the product to be facing a broader community worldwide. And we’re setting the price bar low enough so that your pocket does not become a stumbling block for your passion. We want it tagged at an affordable price so that your fun will be boosted. You could find more details on our Indiegogo detail page for this product:

From our perspective, perfection is always the goal, even though it’s very hard to attain. and so we need your valuable feedback, because a professional suggestion would become the best witness for a more refined product. we would love to hear your suggestions and feedback, we hope to supply the best all terrain electric skateboard, and we hope you can help us with it.

BR Javen

Awesome, great work

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Thanks bro!

have you seen the baja boards? the suspension and linkages look similar to your design.

Did you ever have a chance at riding a baja?

Actually we do have bought a Bajaboard G4X on the end of 2019. I think they did a great job there. It takes great effort to deliver products on such a niche market. We know how struggled we were for the last 7 year. It’s glad to know some people in another country thinking about similar solutions with you.

Likewise, we have both used independent suspension systems to achieve it being all-terrain. This technique is very mature in the modern automotive industry, which might be the ultimate reason why we look a lot alike by appearance. However, we made this board in a very different way.

We started off with a group of R&D researchers for automotive vehicles, so our industrial design is more inspired by the technology often used for a vehicle’s chassis, thus making us different from Bajaboard by its steering control as well as mechanical design. Take steering as an example, we have used a coordinated steering principle, the same as in a four-wheel automobile. In contrast, Bajaboard uses the techniques like a motorcycle, where the steering highly depends on the turning of the tires and you’ll feel it evidently upon usage.

In addition, we have done multiple optimizations on the off-road design, such as an enlarged chassis height, a higher ground clearance, and a much extended mileage with a longer battery life. I think Bajaboard is very powerful, we pay more attentions on the specs you can really use, you need to feel safe, comfortable on this board, and minimal maintenance we hope.

Oftentimes, an AT esk8 consumes a lot of electrical power.In order to extend its battery life, a lot of people tend to increase the number of battery packs, but it wouldn’t necessarily do any better but to increase the resultant weight of the whole board and you’ll feel more load dragging the board if the battery runs low. And so we have come up with an alternative solution, which is an additional swappable and rechargeable battery. Each additional battery contributes to double the mileage.

What motor controller will you be using? What voltage battery?

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10s 10char