Agacê Cruiser 33" | Dual 5055 | Dual VESC 6 | Paris 195mm | 10S3P NCR GA | Kegels | Lots of 3D print

Isn’t the bearing holding it in place?

No, the bearing is free to move on the hanger, it doesn’t touch the motor mount, this way you don’t over constrains it and allow for thermal expansion without putting a axial load on it

Cool little board. You said it gets a little sketchy at high speeds. (I didn’t know you could get those speeds outta 5055 motors) Do you have other boards that go that fast or faster? I ask because at higher speeds (at least with downhill, I’m very new to esk8) changing your stance is really important.

I think this was my fast board, but yeah, charging the stance I could go up to 45 km/h, but not a way that id like to commute

About the 5055 is just about finding a balance, you could even do that with a single, but the hill climb would suck. Currently the limitation is the battery that max out at 30 A, so anything above 17 km/h the VESC lower the motor current to keep the battery current under that

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Thank you for explaining that. The board has duels but it’s only running a 6S. I have a hummie deck ordered. It’s getting 2 6374 190kv at 12s.

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Installed the TB 218 trucks while my Hummie deck doesn’t arrive so I can ride dual motors again

What a difference, I can go 40 km/h using the same bushings that I used on the Paris 195mm, on it 33 was about the limit of stability

The mounts turned out a little bit lower than the CAD drawing, don’t really know why, but the gummies it won’t be a problem

Enough talking

image image image image


Rocks always got inside the motors, but since I mounted them to the back it become a nightmare, you clean and sometimes immediately another one get inside and start grinder

Well, not anymore

image image


Cleaning the motors before sealing them, the one that was making noise was a mess inside, I have no idea what got inside and completely disintegrated, looks like a black goo that coated the entire stator but not the magnets


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Today was the first day that I thought I would not make home, arrived with the board barely moving on flat ground

Left my home at 14:30 and rode almost non stop until 5:30, when I felt that the LVC was starting to engage I was at the other side of town

Was a good ride