AI13 w/ Skikes | 3D ABS Enclosure | TB 6355 190KV | MEB VESC | 8k mAh Zippy's

Blowout sounds dramatic. More of a instaflat. the rim had 0 traction

Ewww, doesnt sound fun. I think I’ll be ok, just building this board to ride some golf trails and rough concrete. I doubt I’ll ever hit 15mph on it. Glad you weren’t hurt.

Carving with these is the best…Didn’t mean to scare just be careful out there.:surfer:

Ill give it a try, just don’t know how to Ill get any traction from feet to deck with no concave on the board for big carves.

Nawww, my Mamma always said I was too dumb to be scared :slight_smile:. Prolly why I had 6 concussions, 2 broke arms and 2 broke legs before I was out of high school.

For anyone that does not want to go through all the trouble and have the skike hubs machined:

They are a little different (6 instead of 5 “screw” holes) but it is a 2 part design which should in theory eliminate that painful tire change. Just printed them now for the first time and will have to mount a tire once I am home. But looking good :thumbsup:


@Maxid hah, cool idea actually… - something goes out of production or is hard to obtain - create on your own and print with 3d printer… :smiley:

What plastic did you use for them? Just curious … how well they will hold up compared to that ABS + composite plastic they seem to be using for regular plastic hubs

printed in ABS+ on a uPrint SE

@mmaner sorry for hijacking your thread - just seemed like it would fit here with your skike wheels

Nice, I am interested in how the hold up. How much are you planning on selling them for? I would also suggest making pilot holes for standard wheel pulleys (36T prolly), with a 190KV motor on 10s, startup shouldn’t be a problem.

No worries here brother, its all info for the greatest adiction of all time :joy:

Actually was not planning on selling them. I’ll upload the file to grabCAD once i actually know they hold up.

I will design a standoff plate so that I can mount my 36t kegel pulley on it which has 5 screw holes and was intended for the original skike hub.

@Maxid If they hold up and you can offer them for a decent price I think - why not… skike wheels seems to have went extinct a bit…

Great idea, Ill keep a watch for them. Good thinking.

Material alone was like 20€. Especially considering that Skike still sells them online for like 4€ a piece I don’t think it is viable.

I understand that. Keep in mind that the pulleys, tubes and tires are added expense, the pulleys especially. And they dhow them as ‘in stock’ but the last time I tried to order 3 days later they said they were out.

Yeah but that you have to pay no matter the DIY hubs. For pulleys you can just use standard Kegel pulleys - the diameter is excatly the same and the holes lign up perfectly. That is why I was able to switch the pulley from my Kegel setup to the Skikes without modification (I again used a standoff plate to increase distance between Kegel and pulley). For larger pulleys ;):

Good info, thanks.

So just tried to pump a skike tire to 6 bar and voila:

Plastic is too weak. Might try it with a thicker border…


Thats a lot of pressure I assume. My 6" wheels are rated at 95psi with original hubs. Thats around 6.3 bar. Not sure would i inflate to max

Too bad, I was hoping :grinning:

My new one for 6inch pneumatics seems to hold up. But the board needs different cut outs