AI13 w/ Skikes | 3D ABS Enclosure | TB 6355 190KV | MEB VESC | 8k mAh Zippy's

Material alone was like 20€. Especially considering that Skike still sells them online for like 4€ a piece I don’t think it is viable.

I understand that. Keep in mind that the pulleys, tubes and tires are added expense, the pulleys especially. And they dhow them as ‘in stock’ but the last time I tried to order 3 days later they said they were out.

Yeah but that you have to pay no matter the DIY hubs. For pulleys you can just use standard Kegel pulleys - the diameter is excatly the same and the holes lign up perfectly. That is why I was able to switch the pulley from my Kegel setup to the Skikes without modification (I again used a standoff plate to increase distance between Kegel and pulley). For larger pulleys ;):

Good info, thanks.

So just tried to pump a skike tire to 6 bar and voila:

Plastic is too weak. Might try it with a thicker border…


Thats a lot of pressure I assume. My 6" wheels are rated at 95psi with original hubs. Thats around 6.3 bar. Not sure would i inflate to max

Too bad, I was hoping :grinning:

My new one for 6inch pneumatics seems to hold up. But the board needs different cut outs