Air Blade | Enertion R-spec 6372 | 10s5p | TB single motor kit | Never Summer El Jefe Board

HI guys, finally i decided to build my very first eboard, after 3 months of lurking into this awesome community. Yeah. i did my homework, so many things to learn. Parts are on the way, well most of them. Here is the list

-Board: Never Summer El Jefe (inspired by @scrant ) (on the way) -Mechanical: TB single motor kit: trucks, wheels, motor mount, belt … (on the way) -Electronic:

1. VESC from Enertion.(ordered)
2. Enertion R-spec big boy 6372 190kv.(ordered)
3. Space cell pro 4 (10s4p)(initially).
4. Controller: Nyko kama(maybe upgrade later due to some reported dropouts)

The battery is a tricky part. Due to aviation regulation, they don’t ship to where i live(Vietnam). So I am back to old school: DIY. I have 3 options and some questions in mind, PLEASE help me with this one.

1. Li-on 12s4p Samsung 25R with BMS.
2. Li-on 10s5p Samsung 25R with BMS.
3. 2x6s 12000mah lipo to make 12s battery(or 2x5s makes 10s). Tear it down, make it slimmer.

Of course, the battery will have with a meter. Questions:

  1. With spec like that, should my board go with 10s or 12s? There are a lot of posts saying 12s is a bit too much for the VESC, that it will burn drv chip but there are also many boards use 12s with no problem ex: @longhairedboy , @lowGuido

  2. Can lipo battery use BMS? I ask this because I saw noone here doing it. How can i charge the battery? I mean with what voltage? According to what i learnt : if 10s then 42v 2a, if 12s then 50.4 2a (4a for fast charger) Is this correct? Are there any cheaper alternative?

  3. How can I choose amp(current) for BMS ?

All help and suggestion are appreciated. Pic will coming soon.

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  1. 190kv with 12S is probably too much. Go with 10S. @chaka can confirm ERPM calculations.

  2. Yes you can use a bms with lipo. Charge with the voltage that your batteries will be when fully charged. 4.2x10=42v for 10s.

  3. Charge at 1C for quickest charge. So if you have a 12ah battery, charge at 12amps for quickest charge. Not many 12amp chargers so you could do .25c 3amps and that would take about 4 hours.

Yup to my understanding you can do 12s on a 190kv motor cause you are just below 60k erpm as long as the cells are at 3.7 volts. However if the cells are 4.2 volts you will have above 60k which my damage the drv chip. I had a similar problem designing my board cause I was planning to go 12s with a 245 kv motor. This would for sure damage the current version of the vesc cause that is far past 60k erpm even if the cells are at 3.7 volts (44.42457=76146). For now I am going with 9s even though it will still exceed 60 erpm if the cells are at 4.2 volts. I should technique be going 8s but I plan to by easy on the throttle when my batteries are fully charged and also I will set the max erpm on the vesc to 5500 erpm just to be safe.

For you 10s would be safest which is a reason enertion uses 10s. Maybe @chaka would shed some light cause he’s the man.

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thanks for your answers :smile:

Waiting on @chaka too, First time i heard of this e-rpm… sounds interessing.

Check or this thread about choosing the right kv for the current versions of the vesc. Chaka explains a lot of this in it but the erpm should be a problem anymore when the v6 vesc comes out :slight_smile:

Oops almost for got the link:

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Also you can check out this link to my build where chaka helped my out with my erpm. Btw he’s the man. Just scroll down a bit to his posts.

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All my boards are running 12S4Ps samsung cells with BMSs with VESC and dual Enertion R-SPEC 190KV 6355s. They get warm but they fly. No problems with them so far, but i use Ollin VESCs so maybe that’s why. I have yet to run a single 6372 onthat though. I suspect plenty of warmth there too.

you can use a BMS with any cell pack that has balance leads. You just have to make sure the BMS is specced for the right cell count and cell voltage/chemistry. I would choose the BMSs current based on the continuous rating of the cell pack, not the burst rating. For example my sammy packs have a continuous rating of 80amps so i use 80amp or less BMSs so that the cells never get uncomfortable.


Ok quick update Board came in last week

And TB single motor kit came in yesterday @torqueboards

And controller nyko karma

Awe i just cannot wait …


@torqueboards what are these black plastic tube? Where do they go?

You probably only need one.


@torqueboards The bearings are sticky when i hold between my fingers. Then i spin it, it doesnt spin freely at all. I mean it turns but then quickly stop. Is this a problem? They are supposed to spin freely right?

Yeah, put them on the wheel and spin it. You can also try putting more bearing oil on it.


Look what i got in the mail today

That is my unbox knife

Isn’t she beautiful?

@onloop : one of ur employees said that the VESC would come with xt90 , the one i got came with xt60. Not a big deal, i can replace it with xt90, the thing is that i was live chatting with him on the enertion website, he went to the vesc and took a look came back, confirmed that it was xt90. Maybe this is from the old batch ???

That is it for now, next is the bms and i’m good to go. So excited

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@onloop, @carl.1, I got my VESC, trying to configure, and I don’t want to burn it b/c i know nothing ab VESC setup, there are lot of burn VESC due to wrong configs… My question: Do you have some kind of GOOD and SAFE vesc configuration for R-spec 6372 motor that i can follow. I want to ride it for some time before doing my own tweak.

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Did you look here @kyo?

I am now. Thanks bruh.

Just do a search on key words …

I’m sure most of the answers are here for you…

A bunch of esk8 nerds here apparently :nerd_face: Lol

@chaka @lowGuido

Can i use a laptop-like charger to for the motor detection with the vesc? I mean to use it to power the vesc for motor detection.

The charger is 19v 4a

Bc my bms is on the way.

Yes. I do it with all of my VESC’S.