Air Scoop for passive cooling

Has anyone added little air scoops to their enclosure for passive cooling? If not, any opinions on if it would actually help?

I was thinking about 1 on each side and then maybe just a hole in the back for the air to escape.


Board won’t see rain or puddles so I am not concerned about water getting inside.

Biggest concern i see is dust buildup. It’ll get fairly dirty in there after a while

I wouldn’t worry about dust. My quadcopter sure doesn’t care lol

Your copter also doesn’t ride inches from the ground


If you want cooling i would mount a heatsink that connects outside/inside with waterproof mounting. That way you get the nice airflow from the outside without getting dirt or water inside the case.

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Yeah but it sure does slam into the ground all the time :slight_smile:

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I think I may try it and maybe put a little screen on the inside to keep the big stuff out. The dust can be cleaned periodically if it gets to bad.


Yes my prototype builds had little channels and exposed heatsinks. But i have stopped doing that because i dont think its needed. I have ridden many km on boards that have no fans or ducts and there is no issue with heat.

Like these? Though these were designed for active airflow aka 40mm fans.

They could work for passive

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I printed these last night to see what they would look like. Still debating it they will actually help. Thought about putting one in the rear center backwards and it should cause a bit of a vacuum to help suck the air out.

Heat sinks that protrude out of the enclosure slightly, but are still sealed, would be perfect. Direct Mosfets with thermal paste to a heatsink and then it has fins that poke outside of the enclosure with heat resistant silicon around to seal it. That would be the best idea.

If you look at tablets and laptops they’re all going fan less now- copper barso pulling heat away and putting it in other location to passively radiate. Would be easier to just drill some holes tho lol

So would you put 2 on your enclosure. 1 pulling and pushing air flow and face them going to the rear so no rocks or anything get into them?