Airing dirty laundry. Does anyone here know michichopf?

Does anyone here know @michichopf personally? Seemed like a stand up kinda guy but this battery thing has gone on and on. 6 months I have been waiting for the battery. (I sent him one in exchange with an enclosure and deck I sold him) In this sport/mode of transport he could be hurt I guess. I really hope not, I know he has been visiting the forum but not replying to my messages. All it takes is an explanation. It’s with a heavy heart I air my dirty laundry here but am at a bit of a loss.


So no-one knows Jan? No one can tell me if he’s alright?

Do you know his Facebook account for example? Maybe you could reach out to one of his friends see whats up :slight_smile:

No, I think he’s registered for a race in transylvania in a few days. Hopefully he turns up and can give me an explanation.

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Doesn’t seem too hard to track down on facebook based on the name he has on his profile. Profile has nothing recent posted to it but does have an esk8 photo.

So I’d take a guess that its the right guy.

Yes I think its him because he has carvons

Yea its him.

I bought some shit from him and have had some whatsapp contact with him. He is really nice. Deffo not the type of guy who fucks people over. In summer he often disappears to these ultra long downhill camps where he cuts himself off from civilisation for days and weeks :smiley: Maybe its just that.

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It says @michichopf was on the forum 2 days ago in the profile

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Telegram might be also an option to reach him

Join Electric Board Builders group though i cant find shareable link but it should be on forum

I know michiBro… I back him, his focus has moved away from this forum. As a community member I rate him. He has more real experience than most. I mean P.Swiss rides in his summer group! He is younger than me but… with full respect of some one chasing their dreams! He has dropped his philosophy studies to join the pro DH euro circuit… & has dealt with some personal shit along the way… I’m sure he is just falling down a mountain somewhere at 80-90mph… last I talked to him he had clipped a guard rail. Fuck dude, don’t do that again on mt behalf! from what I know I gota back him & he is likely more talented than any others on the forum!