Airless Tire Hub Build - Advice Needed!

Hi guys,

Doing my first DIY build, and would hugely appreciate any advice! My plan is as follows:


  • Low ride height board that can smoothly go over poorly paved road surfaces
  • 30km range, top speed 45+ kmph (I weigh just under 70kg) (Want a low ride height, and don’t want motors sticking out the back, hence a hub build)

Planned Item List So Far

  1. Original Skateboards 41 Inch Drop Deck (Already owned, so can’t change this)

  2. DIY eBoard Airless 105mm Tires

  3. Enertion Focbox ESCs + Nano-X Hand Controller

  4. DIY enclosure

  5. Batteries - Probably lipos for weight / compactness reasons?

  6. 89a Blood orange bushings


  1. Will the hub and ESCs stated be compatible?
  2. Does anyone have any suggested Lipos I should be using to achieve the aforementioned speed / range requirements?
  3. Any recommended BMS / switches / anti spark plugs / other components needed to connect the lipos to the esc?
  4. Anything else I should consider?

Apologies for the noob questions, and thanks in advance!

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They can be run together however the connectors may need to be changed

10 or 12s would be recommended. A 5-7ah battery which is 12s should suit your needs.

Bestech BMS are pretty standard around here. Just search around

I highly recommend not bypassing the BMS and getting one with a built in switch or else you will need a loop key.

Amazing, thanks for the quick response!

I wouldn’t buy anything from diyeboards


The other alternative was, I was thinking of waiting for the Torqueboards / some other direct drive motor to come out hmm…


@torqueboards will be producing their own Direct drives if you’re not in a big hurry to get riding they would be a good choice

Those would be perfect yes! If by some miracle they get released by xmas, I’d be all over that :smiley:

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Yeah for sure those would be ideal. I’m certain once they are out it wouldn’t be difficult to order from them. As for the timeline I think they were working out the last few kinks before doing real world tests before making them available. No idea when exactly but I’m hopeful for December as well :smile:

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For low ride height and comfort, Storm Esk8 wheels with Kegel cores are unmatched. Very comfortable esp for rigid decks. But, comfort comes with a cost, lower range. It means you need a big battery. I’d consider topmounting a big battery and drop mounting these wheels with a direct drive compatible with Kegel core.