Airless Tire Psychotiller Hubs

6” airless tires on OG six shooter hubs. These were referred to as the wobble wheels way back when, they only have a slight wobble, similar to MBS hubs or Trampas.

Note, these do not fit six inch tires. If you have access to a lathe, you can take off about 1-2mmoff the diameter of the hub to fit the tire. The wider diameter is why the airless tires fit better on these than the new style six shooters.

Also, these have a much wider lip than the new style.

The wheels have been ridden a few times, I like the airless tires, they use a few more Wh but offer a nice trade off between urethane and pneumatics.

Comes with two new 60T pulleys. Also, you’ll need to source some bolts for them. I used some hardware on another project and didn’t bother to replace it here.

$225 shipped in the US

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$200 shipped

To clarify because I believe a few of these airless tires exist now, do these suffer the same problem of stretching themselves off of the hubs when travelling above 25mph? I could never figure out which brand had that problem.

These hubs are slightly larger than the rest of the psychotiller hubs so they are less prone to coming off. That being said, I have not tried them at 26mph+

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