Airline Safe Collapsible mountain board

I found this via Hackaday

some really good work here. Plus answers a bunch of questions about taking batteries on planes.

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Nice find. Had to bookmark the thread not to loose it :wink:

Too bad, he only took 73wh pack with him on plane due to precaution / extra regulation.

I probabbly would have tried to make the same thing out of wood… didnt find any weight specs but he also said at end that it was a bit heavy with all of the alu parts… just not sure how heavy, though I assume it cleared 20kg mark? And was below 20kg…

On a side note… I think more handy would be just to make penny board for air travel… usually in bigger cities roads / sidewalks should be in decent enough quality to ride a small wheeled board anyways.

Looks :sunglasses: & my first thought is I want to pick it up and go for a ride :grinning:


I’m with Okami…

I severely dislike short boards, the seem so unstable and dangerous.

I toyed around with using carbon fiber rods to make an adjustable-length board and I think it would work, though I think the weight of all the brackets needed to hold carbon fiber without breaking it is greater than the weight saved by the rods.

I’m on to fall projects, but I’ll likely take it up next spring.

In any event using off the shelf battery packs is probably going to become the norm as the packs continue to increase in capacity.

Oh man, This is my build! If you have any questions on the build, send em’ along, thanks for the kind words all.


Make a build thread. I’m sure I’m not the only one wanting to see how you did it :wink:

Most of the details are up here: Have a gander!. Yeah, i will start up a build thread for version 2: THE LIGHTEN-ING, the collapsible board itself came in pretty heavy. Thanks again,

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I’ll be waiting to that next build! Welcome to the forum!