Airplane Restrictions for Batteries

I was looking through the forum and found that although we have topics about eboards on airplanes, there is no dedicated topic that specifically goes over the airplane restrictions for eboards. So here’s what I know, if anyone else has info to add, please chime in.

-99wh or less is legal, no questions asked -you can go above that with airline approval, but the battery must be removable What this means: 6s2p 4500mah li-ion is the prime choice for one battery, you could go higher if you are using lipos just take them out of the board -Yuneec ego will not work -Boosted 6-7 mile range will

In theory if u could break a giant size pack so each now separate pack is under 100wh and itll pass the rules for carry-on no matter how many there are. Maybe just get smaller packs and disconnect them all for the flight

As far as I got regarding this topic. 99Wh is allowed, but with the certification that boosted has done for it’s board and components. And up to 2x160Wh but with airline approval. So chopping up a bigger battery will be limited to 2 pieces as well…

U can bring as many as u want acording to faa if under 100wh. Between 100 and 160 ur allowed two

What would be their reason to restrict it, for me it just doesn’t make sence. Since all parts together go over the limit. So if you would want to be a smartass, you assemble a big pack with battery cages and then for transport you just undo all the 18650 cells separately and ur good to go… :blush:

So what you guys are saying is I can connect my battery via bullets into 4 pieces and I can bring it with me on flights…?

Not sure the tsa will let that go. It looks even more bomb-like when you split it up into pieces


More cells connected together have more potential to short I think but id rather they made distinctions between chemistries and be more permissive with some of the safer Li-ion. lg hg2 for example. Or maybe show that the cells are discharged…don’t think it’s easy to blow up if ur at low voltage.
I just read a story from an airline steward talking about how they had a fire on a plane from batteries that was luckily still on the ground. He said they put it out, wonder how as I read they’re really hard to put out and I don’t think even oxygen is necessary to keep it going. I’d be freaked to see someone bringing cells such as Ive been using duct taped to the bottom of my board. But legal none the less. Another reason to drink a couple more before the flight, otherwise I feel I have to consciously bring the plane down safely

Speaking of looking like a bomb it would be a good place to hide a bomb. I’m surprised we haven’t had many more bomb incidents on planes and in this country.

A bad battery incident= 100 dead on plane and loss of freedom to put cells on plane Another bomb or two on a plane= 100 dead on plane and total national freak out and none-stop 6oclock news and likely war and 100,000 dead

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Has anyone considered this solution: Ship your board to a UPS location customer counter pick up in the city your traveling to. And just pick it up when you arrive? Then ship it back to your home address before leaving


I can’t remember where I found it but I read at one point that the fire keeps going because as the battery burns it causes a chemical reaction that creates more oxygen. It’s almost like Greek fire…

My problem with that is it gets really expensive and super slow if you are going overseas

When I travel to San Francisco from Orange County I just ship my board ground via UPS. That way I don’t have to deal with the airline bullshit.

Ok, I didn’t even think about traveling overseas. I spent a week in the Sussex downs in southern England a few years ago. It would have so nice to have my eboard there to cruise the country roads.

I think I’m gonna called Southwest Airlines and United and see exactly what they’ll allow me to do with a manager name so I have someone to refer to when I get to the airlines. Also get to the airlines early, and have the person dropping you off stay a while longer I see they don’t allow you to

Even though you get someone to okay it, you may not have the same experience once you get to security. So definitely get there early.

@anorak234 DIdnt realise this thread was up. Both thinkingg the same thing. Getting moderator to relocate my thread into yours and changed your thread post name to actually say batteries.

I’m going to Texas from Minnesota here in the next week and have some homemade batteries for my boosted that I wanted to bring along… Glad I’m not the only one that thinks they totally look like bombs.

I’ll probably go without them or just ship them a couple of days early to get them there.

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Ths issue with travelling at the moment with lithion ion batteries higher than 99Wh for some airlines. What can we do? Can we put these things in a fire safety slip bag. I was thinking just present the battery fully discharge. Is there an easy way to discharge spacecell without having to run motors. Some other accessory we could plugg it into to fun it down overnight before leaving. High output light or something. We could use the light.

Ok to ride till dead at home before you travel Might not be so easy while away and time as your always in a rush when travelling/hols. -Definately relabel battery mobiliy battey snd change Whr rating. Could be accessory battery.

I like the idea, and would like to solve this issue for sure. But for instance li-ions should be around 3.5-3.6V for ideal conditions, if you would drain them completely and frequently, it would shorten the life quite a bit, don’t you think?

Even at fully discharged voltage for li-ion, you will still be over the Wh limit.

Also the safety regulation is calculated at nominal voltage, so you won’t be legally passing anything with a space cell.

CIf you travel alot I suppose the battery life will be shortened. It’s all about getting the battery through checkin and also percieved safety issue with these things.

If I have whatever battery capacity, discharged or at low charge say 20% would be good to leave it in, so you can at least get a ride pff the bat once you unpack the board. Also put it in a fire rated bag. Maybe something like the lipo bag

Definatley needs a alternative label, but understand this is a legal issue as you are being a tad false with capacity.

Its only becaue I know the capacity. If it has no labels on it id have know idea other than to test output.

Thats another way maybe to get around it that is not pulling the voltage out with a meter, but that would take more time through checkout. No doubt customs may check that anyway.

Surely of I have a low charged battery its going to be safer.

Lithion ions I would have thought only explode if punctured. But im no expert.