Alani lani manua 44' Electric skate board Custom made

3month project… Here is my riding video.


Wow, great job! Bill is an awesome builder and has a lot of good wood working projects too. Good place to look for 107s when the stock is getting low :wink:

How does it ride? Love the pics!! You have gone all in on the under lighting lol

DOPE ! AS [email protected]&k … …

Looks fantastic! :slight_smile:

Can you share what lights you used?

Love this build. Wonderful work. How did you make the deck and battery pack?

:punch: :sunglasses: AF dude… Love the angles and transition curves, looks beautiful & functional :ok_hand:

If you ever get tired of it or want to sell it to move on to another project, please hit me up! I have a soft spot for all things carbon fiber.

Ohh then don’t Google landyachtz carbon triple beam. It even has pockets perfect to fit 18650s underneath. Lol


I just ordered my Mauna 44". Am excited to start this new project. I think this deck will become more and more popular in the esk8 community.

No doubt, I love that board so much. But damn the price :).

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Ride well and stable at high speed.

front : eagle eye( from aliexpress) back : neopixel led and 3d printing motor cover

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deck :alani lani manua 44’ deck battery : lg hg2 3000mah 10s3p

Okay. Thank you for saying so.

Really Awesome

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