Alen Wrench or Hex Keys

Hello! I have a problem with my Vesc. After riding half a day on FOC on high speeds the board sudenly stopped working. I have seen that the chip in the photos gets extremly hot and smells like burned. How do i fix that? What is that chip for?

Thanks in advance!

That should be a 5V TVS diode, which is meant to protect the 5V line from higher voltage spikes. If that gets hot, it means it’s dissipating power to keep the voltage at 5 V. Does the FOCBOX (<- can’t call it VESC anymore btw due to trademark) work at all anymore?

Yes you can - with your logic you would also not be allowed to say focbox - that is trademarked as well (or at least going to be).

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As @Maxid stated, We the consumers can call it what ever we want.

haha concerning wording, we indeed might need to find a good replacement phrase for referencing.

Im also not super sure how this applied to the past,… but yeh.

Sorry for not contributing but just thought to step in :smiley:

& @Namasaki So the name trademark only applies to seller’s?

yes sure - no company will ever sue you for using their name in a private conversation. Just imagine Kleenex or Google doing so. It is the best marketing they can have.

Type in Allen wrench in to google and see what images pop up… Hex keys… The name Allen is a trade marked brand of hex keys. Other vendors of hex keys can not call their products Allen but 3/4 of every one I know and work with refers to “hex keys” as Allen wrenches. So yes, as consumers we can call any thing what ever we want


I have never called them anything but “Allen Wrench”

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Thanks! I’ve bought one and now it’s working again!!