Alibaba 12s5p for around 50$? ($300)

So i found this battery pack on alibaba. It’s a 12s5p 15000 mah pack that claims to have a 100A continious BMS. It says it uses samsung 30q cells. The funny thing? It costs between 42-58 $

From pictures it looks like the 12s5p mtb pack from ( this pack is 600€

It seems to good to be true, of course minimal amount for a order is 10 pieces but still. 10 of these would be cheaper than one battery from eskating. What are your thoughts of this, could it be legit?


I believe eskating get theirs from Matrix.

There’s an ongoing thread here:

AFAIK these are ok batteries.

the logog on the alibaba site :sweat_smile: it says Lifepo4 in the description…:thinking: and different size too

Size: 200x145x75mm (7,9″x5,7″x2,95″)

80.0mm(T)x140.0mm(W)x160.0mm (L)

When something is too good to be true, it usually is. Buying these from a comercial bulk supplier would run you north of 200 euro. 50 euro? Sorry but I call bullshit.

Buy it for sience :slight_smile:


Meh, most things come from China at some point and there’s been no reported issues with an eskating battery, bms, switch or anything of the like that I can recall.

So I’d guess these are ok. But I’d buy directly from the Matrix store.

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60$ for a 12s5p pack? you seriously think that is possible? even a good BMS is already more…

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Nope. That’s why I said buy it from Matrix:


i was just speaking about the one @JensSjogren linked

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The cells alone would cost more than that… hmmm

If it was possible to order a single one for 58$ i would easily do it just to find out if it works. However buying 10 of them for 580$ + shipping and import taxes seems risky :sweat_smile:

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12s5p for 50$? 100% legit…as legit as this note: DT


a 12s5p for 50bucks would mean each 30q cell would be <$1.00. Yea theres no way…

these are 30Q packs?

The specs are not consistent within the page. one thing says 36v and the other says 44v. However, i’m interested in that stacking pattern, and the dimensions are right… maybe i should look into these more. Battery building is a total time suck, but was necessary.

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All the flat packs from that series are listed on the same page. So if you scroll through the pictures you’ll see different images matching different voltages.

30q’s according to them but I only have academic knowledge of it, not bought one myself

I don’t expect cheap battery packs from China to use real nickel strips.

that price is probably if you buy in bulk = > 10 9 units…

…and still fake.

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I find it somehow funny that the simply copied the pictures from @fottaz and didn´t even bother to remove his name. :smile:

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Wow i didnt even notice the eskating logo on the picture :rofl:


The holy grail slips by once more

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