Alibaba / AliExpress 11.11 One Day Sale

November 11th is China’s “Singles’ Day”. Apparently they have massive sales for one day much like the US Black Friday/Cyber Monday. If you were looking to get something. Do it today (11/11 China time I assume).

Hell yeah im excited! Staying up for the sale it starts in a half hour! Planning on buying a Yi 4K action cam as well as a gimbal and some parts to build a hexacopter! Though that spot welder deal looks awesome…

Actually the deals arent really that good because shipping is like another $50, someone should do a group buy of these things, I know id participate if i could get one for less than $80 maybe.

All I can say is Alibaba beats Amazon at doing this type of one day sale. There is so many people in China.

Maybe. But it’s hard to sort through all the copies and low quality stuff and their reviews can’t be trusted. Only good thing is Money is held in escrow so seller gives better after sale service to ensure they get the money.

There is a few good Deals but I see a lot of "discounted " items actually more expensive than usual. I will pick carefully .