Alibaba Bomb | Globe Sledgehog | TB 218mm | 6368 190kv | Dickyho | 6s 22.2v | ESC

Hopefully I did the title right according to the format. I was wondering if the following would be everything I need except for the wire and soldering iron. Im going for the cheapest of cheap but well ordered and reviewed off aliexpress.

Battery - 3s 11.1v 4.2ah lion X2

BMS - 6s 24v 60a seperate port

ESC - Hobbywing SkyWalker 80a

Motor - 6368 190kv 22-48v



Charger Plug

T-Plug pigtail series

Motor Mount

Battery Pack Balance Charge Adapter Lead

Made a typo. Here is the charger.

That esc is meant for RC aircraft, which equals non-existing or poor braking power. Hobbywing does sell an esc for esk8, but these are meant to be paired with low kv hub motors.

Don’t cheap out on the esc. You want something that can slow you down reliably.

The wrong esc choice essentially invalidates your other components. Try again :wink:

I used a heli/plane esc that had drag brakes. It started applying the brake when throttle was zero but I couldn’t control the amount of brake force and I had to be very careful with that ESC. At a point I decided to get a VESC and I never looked back since. Do yourself a favor :wink:

Thats what I was thinking with this esc… Ill post a different setup later thats better and cheaper actually.