Alien power system Complete single motor kit

I currently have the alien power system single motor drive kit + motor mount. Will include 4x alien wheels (will fit the drive pulleys) (only used for a week) the truck adapter is for Paris 180mm but you can buy different ones from their site (or cnc it yourself ) looking for about 100 for the whole thing. Will also sell the Paris 180mm trucks if you want. Will send worldwide pm me for more details

Got a picture of the whole set?


And a location?

I’ll take it if I can see photos

Pics? Also interested here

Will upload photos. I’m located in A US melbourne

Price shipped to 44095?

This is what the whole set looks like with trucks and wheels (will sell those too) 83mm wheels and paris v1 trucks will post photos of the individual kit when I’m home

Can put more photos on request. Yes my motor is scratche (my fault for being an idiot)

Gonna pass going a different direction thank you though!

all good, good luck with it :).

SHIPPING, to USA is around $20-25 USD as calculated with AU post.

Still got them. BUMP

Is this still available/fully working and how much all up will it cost? (Without shipping)

Sent you a pm

Bump! still got it, slightly modified to work with enertion pulley etc

Hi Mate is this still available? I live in Aus but I’m in UK in a few weeks :slight_smile:

I PM’d you about it :slight_smile:

Hi, is it still available? and does it include the motor?

Hello, someone is currently interested, but i will keep you updated if that falls through. :slight_smile:

Hi mate I can’t reply via private message as I have reached my maximum messages for a day. Can you email me [email protected]. thanks :slight_smile: