Alien Power System remote main power switch broke off

Hey guys, I searched the similar topic on the forum, haven’t seen a solution on it just yet.

I have been using the APS remote for almost a year. Never disconnected, solid remote, even survived my antispark switch blow up right next to it, but recently, the main power switch broke off physically. There are a little lever I need to push to turn them on and off. I guess over the repeat use, it finally broke off.

I tried enertion nano-x and mini remote, maybe I am not used to them, but I still prefer my good old APS remote, is there anyway I can fix it?

APS website shows it’s out of stock for the electronic assembly.

Here is the picture of mine with broken switch: I circled the part which broke off Inked498137509_LI

Here is the picture from internet: what it supposed to look like aps1

Thanks for taking your time! I appreciated any of the idea.

Do you have soldering skills? If so I think I have a link to the switch at work, I’ll get it for you in the morning.


Yes yes. I sure can solder.

Thank you so much!

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Hey, Mike, I know you are busy, I am not trying to rush you in anyway, but just in case you forgot about it.

Thanks again! Really appericate your help!

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I did forget about it, let me go look now.


Mike, sorry to bother you again. Just in case you forgot about it again. Thanks again! Appreciated it!

Honestly I am still looking. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I know I had a link cause I spent hours over a few days looking for it to fix mine. I’ll let you know if I can find it.

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Oh, sorry about that. Take your time. Thank you so much for helping me out!

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I really need to get this thing running again.

Looks like the same switch from a Mini remote, you could buy one of those for the switch.

Or, I am 100% sure that switch is on digikey, but it’d take a half hour to find it and I’d need more information about it. Try looking there.

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Unfortunately the switch is way smaller than on the mini.

@370HSSV did you already open the remote? Maybe there is a way to just exchange the plastic switch or glue on a small plastic part, idk if that would work but worth a try.

If you can’t find the original switch, just solder off the old and get one which you than place out of the remote. Might not look pretty but would work.

You could probably even just bridge that switch for always on as there is a second off switch on the remote, but with it you would need to charge up the remote probably every day as the second switch doesn’t totally switch off all elements.


@Andy87 I tired to glue a big piece on it. But that area is super tiny. I don’t think I can make it sturdy enough. Yeah, I will try to find the little switch. I have no idea how to bridge them to use the other switch as on and off. I don’t need to charge it for one and half months at a time when it’s working haha.

You could just desolder the switch and take a piece of wire to bridge the ports on the pcb. Shouldn’t be a big thing thou. I had my remote switched on on that small switch and it drained the battery in idk 2days or so. Don’t remember exactly. Maybe it will take a bit longer, but it definitely will drain the battery faster. You could get a bigger battery to compensate that :sweat_smile: but as you surely understand it’s not an optimal solution.

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Oh, that’s easy. I just started to look up the switch on digikey. 158 pages here we go.

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Did you write aps? They sometimes have small parts as spare but not listed on the website. I have seen the assembly kit is out of stock, but I would try to ask non the less. Maybe they even know the right name of that switch.

No not yet. I saw they are out of stock, so I didn’t bother to ask. I will write them an email right now.

They usually answer pretty fast. Good luck!

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Email/call em dude, just ask for the switch part number haha.

In the mean time - post some very clear pictures of the broken plastic and the internal connection. Might be an easy way to encase it in epoxy or something to make it solid enough in the meantime

After reviewing thread pics, that actually might not be possible.

A quick “right now” solution I’ve used with the Mini Remote –

There should be a light switch by your front door. It should have a screw or two holding the cover on the box. Stick a REALLY strong magnet to the screw. Stick a pushpin to the magnet.

Now, everytime you leave or arrive you can use the pushpin to turn the remote on or off.

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Wow, that’s a great idea. I will put it to use if I don’t get any other remote. I replaced this one with a mini remote as of now. But another board is almost ready, it’s time to get this remote back up and running.