Alien Power Systems all terrain transmission kit

Has anyone had any experience with the all-terrain drive system from APS they are such a good price but are they a quality product

I think these are the same as diyeboard boards have or ecofeet / ninefeet chinese boards have.

Tires are somewhat okay, trucks are heavy as hell… compared to skate trucks, plus I hate that axles are detachable (wheel can come loose unless u secure ‘grub’ screw…

Not saying these are garbage or what but I also think they might be a bit hard to adjust if their handling does not seem perfect.

Search some @telnoi posts… i think he had a rather bad experience in general with board which had these trucks…

They might be ok for starting out though. Plus they have made mounting motors somewhat easy with 2 large screws under the trucks

Also… if not afraid to order from chinese… price might be a bit lower ordering directly

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thanks, @Okami that’s some good advice.

I want to build a mountainboard but finding affordable motor mounts can be an issue. how would you compare these to Trampa for example

I am not too concerned about weight as I want to be riding it not carrying. I will wait to see if any others have opinions on these.

Unstable at speeds beyond 30 km/h. No dampening options. No essential replacement parts available(bushings) Imprecise manufacturing with lots of play in moving parts. Bearings are pressed in and hard to replace. Belt tensioning not possible, thus slipping during braking or too tight. No belt adjustment possible.

Trampa does all of that better and there are mounts available for 90 usd or so that are superior.

yeah thanks

I’ve just been talking to @trampa and I have decided to stay far away from these. I have been looking at @okp and his selection of motor mounts as well, just seems like I need to save up for the good shit

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