Alienboard v2 | Perso 36" | APS 3.3kW 170kv | ADS | 10s5Ah

Hi e-riders !

After some builds ( the Alienboard(1th esk8, named e-longboard here…), the Darth Vapor (e-MTB) and La Bonita (2nd esk8), I make a simple one to could ride this summer, but want to continue my prototyping beside on it and an other board I will present soon.

Deck - perso DIY 36" (1th time a 38" then adjut for my feels) Mount - ADS single DIY Kit motor 63mm 15x32T (I will pass in 15mm drive soon) Motor - Alien new 6374 HEV 170kv 3.3kw (maybe a GTX 3kW 200kv soon) ESC - VESC Truck - Caliber bushing Venom SHR (Ronin are waiting to the ring mount adaptator) Wheels - Alien Power wheel 83mm 78A (Flywheels 83mm to trie again soon) Battery - 10s5Ah20c (from Bonita, charge with extern BMS !) Radio - Alien Power System 2.4Ghz Remote control (actualy GT2B Custom Design by OKP) And custom fiber / resin case will follow from the unwrapped deck.(only 20mm)

Now pictures say more than me :

or the vid of the 1th part to the 1th ride :wink:

Alien parts

The custom deck (9 plies) cut ends !!

The layout (long and slim battery pack I hope around 16/17mm) :

I resized and adjusted the symmetry of the deck easing of some 100g and familiarized myself with the trimmer.

Then I went to dig the deck of the center :slight_smile: beautifull fail nicely caught ! So I finished my ripping planing and sanding until a beautiful flat

And here the profile of ply :wink:

now the enclosure : I wanted to change a little technique and tape the mold directly on the deck (wrapped in cellophane) less tape to be applied but equally complicated :roll:

you can save the mold.! done ! (but I have a problem on a flange, will apply a second pass of fiber with some deco !)

Longhairedboy style like Whitepony suggest me :wink: a big thank you for this !!

the motor wiring slice

insert in place and enclosure ends !

extension in place

TADA !!!

Now I have to ride !!!

hope you enjoy it ! More info >>> here, stay tune, more to comes…

After some times riding, I made some modifications :slight_smile:

tracing, fitting, cutting, sanding, varnish below :ugeek: ‘’

Result now is a 36" ! (always the same wheelbase )

I took the opportunity of all this work to cut my engine cover (you cas see the made > here, little sanding and shot matt varnish. The support … (almost done: roll: Now that the cache is finished it will help for quotation centering etc :slight_smile: )

After that, a little ride in Paris …

During the time to finish the motor cage, I have some other mod to make to the build :smiley: again !.. But somes arts are waiting :



I’m just figuring out that I have the same battery/VESC implementation on my new build How did you manage the wiring ? I want to avoid wires getting up the batteries because it will envolve making a higher enclosure.

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pulley is for flyweel ?

this is ART !!!

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Thanks e-riders !

@Jub : yes ABEC 11 flywheels only ( I will test with my Alien wheels too

@Pimousse : oui, avec mon boitier de 20mm je pouvais pas faire passer les câbles dessus “à l’arrache”. (Désolé je vais essayer de retrouver l’image sans le gif !..)

Du coup j’ai fait par les côtés en bloquant 3 câble avec des p’tit clips … pas de photo avec les batteries en place… et je pourrais plus en faire !

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Erf, no problem, I’ll try to do like you, putting the wires following the side of the battery pack. But I want to keep the original length of the wires, not easy. Don’t worry for the picture, I took a screenshot when it was the picture of batteries :smile:

ok cool, yes I keep the original length and connector too, just get a extension to connect the - and + to the VESC.

wiring setup, j’étais mauvaise langue, j’en avais une :wink:

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I really love the whole package here. Kudos sir :+1:t2:

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DIY boards rock!! you have been my inspiration to build my own vanguard! :smiley:

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Nice work, attention to detail and tuning is awesome

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Big thanks guys !

And you’re be mine for this one :smiley: haha ! DIY addict, constently thinking for more, more and more. It’s my drogue I confess Also, your custom perso vanguard inspiration is a pure BEAUTY !!! love the look, the shape, your flex, it’s awesome ! Did you will use your e-mtb for the winter season ?

Last photo of the actual Alienboard v2, next to her little sister I have many ideas for the future, don’t know where to start, so thirst I will finish the e-Cruiser and then the Darth Vapor. After that I could start rebuild this one for 2017 :slight_smile:

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… finaly, can’t wait 2017, a nex project with my hand made deck started :smile:

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