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Aliendrive hubpulley

Does anyone know if i can screw a alindrive pulley On a diyelectric pulley so i can use a wider belt ?

I’m not sure if i know what you mean.

You want to use an aliendrive pulleywheel on a DIYelectricskateboard motor?

No The One On The longboard wheel
I Would just get a bigger pulley for The Motor
Add These to The One from diyelectric pulley

What you are looking for is this:

Contact aliendrive and ask him about it.

It most likely wouldn’t fit. If you look at both items the bolt holes don’t align.

We do plan on having 15mm pulleys very soon. Originally, we were going 12mm but we’ve made some modifications to accommodate the 15mm pulley.


Yeah the pulley i had gotten from you (@torqueboards) before I even knew 9mm vs 12mm vs 15mm was a thing, is currently setup as a 15mm belt. I Will hopefully post a video of how I got that to work tonight. I have used alien drive system motor mount with DIYES pulleys and got a 15mm wide belt setup. But other than that, parts wont mix lol