Alignment problems

So iv everything but my alignment dialed in …but the belt alignment is causing me huge issues from belts breaking to speed wobbles and just making an otherwise ready to go board which has taken months and months to get to this point unrideable… help please :raised_hands:t2: Video of the belt (the mount is not srewed down as the alignment needs be right but iv no idea how to get it correct…)

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u might need to flip your motor pulley… i cant see that good from vid. What diameter belts u got broku? for me i try to get the TB mount as close as possible. Also, with single motor i had issues similar to what your describing, i think it was one of my main issues i found was my breaking values were too high, but even then i still had some problems

this really helped me… hit me up brohan


Iv broke a few belts already but ill try flipping the motor pulley but its got no lip so id be worried of it slipping off… gunna just fidlle around hopefully get it right …thanks broski

ya good luck man, your irish im sure you have plenty :wink:

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Not sure if it’s just me but your wheel pulley doesn’t look like it’s uniformly mounted. Like some bolts are tighter than others so the pulley is effectively wonky on the wheel. Check the spacing of the lip is uniform around the whole wheel

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Due to pulling the belt towards one side you can see that the left side of the belt looks quite worn (fibers are well visible). Maybe try to fix the pulley alignment w.r.t. the wheel …

got it fixed kinda no more belt walking but its not centered belts now the complete otherside but the riding experence is night and day…no more belt slippage or noise under braking or up hills :slight_smile:

ya i had too short tools, so it prevented me from ajusting it properly while in the position i desired… what belt width u got man?

I had the same issue with my TB mount and pulley. I just adjusted it so that when the wheel spins in the normal direction the belt has space to run freely without rubbing. Since i never ride in reverse this was a non issue. I also had the pulley reversed like you since my motor’s shaft was quite short.