All focbox sold

This is an older post but didn’t want to start new thread. All sold


Great Deal,

I’ll take one please!

Okay send $135 payment as goods and services through PayPal. Either through email or PayPal link above and I’ll ship as soon as I can

Money sent

PM’d regarding a payment query, it that’s OK I’ll send now.

Payment received

I’ll take one - do you still have any left?

All sold- waiting on payment. Your next in line if anyone drops out

damn okay lmk and I’ll pay right away

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holy shit that was quick

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And heres my point. Bet you some people have bulk orders that will mean cheap focboxes for many more months.

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Yeah I’ve got a bunch coming…:yum:


Will you be selling? Price?

As title states he’s sold out.

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I’m asking scepterr.

I’ll know after I get them

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Good deal, thanks.

2 available


take 2 please

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