All New Flywheel / Kegel Modular Pulley System Available Now!

The new pulleys are finally up for sale!

Fly%20and%20Kegel%20HubAll%20PulleyswheelsFly%20w%20HubFly%20Back%2040tCaliber%202%2044t-32t44t%2032t%20on%20TruckBoa%20back%2040tBoa%2045dg%20Hub The modular pulley design allows you to mix and match pulley sizes and hub adapters. In seconds you can go from 32t to 36t (or 40, 44t). You can also then use the pulleys on different hub adapters. All parts are made from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum and anodized black.

The Flyhweel Hub Works with:

83, 90, 97, and 107mm Genuine Flywheels 83, 90, and 97mm Clone Flywheels 100mm MBS Wheels The Kegel Hub Works with:

80mm Orangatang Kegel (Orange and Purple) 85mm Orangatang Caguma 90mm and 100mm Boa Wheels (All Colors) The modular hubs uses an 11mm bearing that is shared between the wheel and hub adapter. This allows modular pulleys to be used, (any size: 32, 36, 40, 44t). They can be found here individually or if you want a hub adapter + pulley you can find that here

What trucks will these work with?

Standard Caliber 2 Trucks: it is necessary to flip the outer lock-nut and use only one inner speed ring between the pulley bearing and truck axle Paris Trucks: same procedure as Caliber TorqueBoards 218mm Trucks: fits perfect without and different procedures Any other truck with 8mm axle and less than 28mm hanger width

The adapters and pulleys are available spereatley:



Here is a pic of my personal Spud build that I have been riding the pulleys on:

image I’d say the lock nut is biting 90% and the only reason it is flipped is to ensure it never wobbles off.


And that’s with the spacer behind it or against the truck end?

It is with one spacer between the extended bearing and truck hanger

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Cheers for that info <3

Do these pulleys work with built-in bearings (zealous)? Or is that 11mm bearing always required

You can use the zealous on the outside bearing, but the 11mm bearing is required on the inside

(One is provided with ever hub purchase)

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Just to be clear these are HTD-5mm for a 15mm belt width?

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Yes forgot to add that, thanks!

How about with extended axles, two built in bearings and a standard bearing?

Got 2! Ready for press-fit goodness!


I suppose you could use 2 standard bearings (with extended axles) but I recommend using the supplied 11mm bearing

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Are these metal?

Yes, 7075 aluminum anodized black (both the hub and Pulley)


Looks fricking sweet Bro!!! Nice stuff!

You should indicate that in the listing :wink:

If it doesn’t say metal, I always assume plastic. If it says metal but doesn’t say “steel” I always assume aluminum…


It’s all ready in the listing :wink: I just made it bold for you


Jared, quick question.

Let’s say I use my current bearings instead of the provided 11mm bearing, will there be an issue with the pulley coming off the wheel or it not being concentric etc?

They are a very tight press fit so they may not come out, but I 100% recommend riding with the supplied 11mm bearing

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Imma need to press that sucka out for mah 10mm axles.