All New Flywheel / Kegel Modular Pulley System Available Now!

I’m assuming your using surfrodz and in that case I would use two separate bearing as your not tight on axle space


Ya, thats my plan. Gonna experiment once i get them in-hand.


@FalconNL this is the new topic

Yes, they work with Otang Caguma’s!

I was planning to use with surf-rodz also. I found a 10mm wide bearing for surfods. If I use a 10mm wide bearing instead of 11mm, is the an issue with that, or could the slack be taken up with a speed ring?

For surfrodz I would just use two separate bearings as you are not short on axle space


Has any body gotten a tracking # for there order yet :thinking:

Bolts are on the way… I should have them Friday or Saturday and get you guys the pulleys asap.


Well thank you very much for the update :ok_hand:t3: Can’t Waite to get them

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Sweet… Today or tomorrow for ship date?? Time to get my build together.

@JLabs Any updates on bolts/shipping?

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Thank you.

Take care of yourself and your fam.

This is getting ridiculous should have been more transparent before letting people order that he did not have all the necessary item on Hand so shipping we have been delayed

He did,

it just looks like getting the bolts are taking longer than originally anticipated. Plus lay off the man, the forum (I included) was practically chanting for him to list them up for sale.

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Its my fault. I sent him the bolts but the PO that I use is apparently closed and they aren’t accepting packages over 13 o.z so the package sat there for a couple of days before I figured out what was going on. I retrieved the package and took it to another PO, they are in route now. My apologies.

News story about the PO in case anyone is interested.



thanks you for clearing that up. A lil info goes a long way

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Sorry for not explaining more, I just didn’t want to make excuses for the delay.

You should all have tracking info, and the pulleys are still in stock:



Sending positive vibes your way man.

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