All New Flywheel / Kegel Modular Pulley System Available Now!

40t ordered Thanks for making these happen. Are you planning on stocking any motor pully other then 15t? @JLabs

What’s ur order number?

I was thinking about getting different motor pulleys in, maybe 16t and 18t


Oh. Guess order didn’t get placed just yet. Buddy owes me money. Told him to order me parts lol

Haha no problem, I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing something :joy:

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And 18t would be great.

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I feel like everyone stocks 15t and 16t but 18t and 20t are limited options.

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I think 15,16, and 18 would be rad

Okay now it’s ordered @JLabs

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awesome job man !

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Maybe i got it wrong but when somebody wants to change the tooth count they still have to unscrew the bolts and screw it in again after the change? The only benefit is that you dont have to pull the pulley adapter out of the wheel rims (which literally does not take any time after you have unscrewed the pulley)?

Yes, you take the bolts out to change the pulley (there is no other way to make them modular). It will take less than half the time compared to a standard bolt through pulley which you then have to mess with to get centered and not wobble (you dont have to do that with these pulleys). Its also cheaper to buy one part (the pulley portion) instead of a whole new one. You also cant see the pulley from the outside of the wheel, giving a much better look compared to bolt through methods.

Edit: I just rambled, dosnt make much sense but dont have the time to retype it.


Essentially balancing the pulley to the wheel is vastly simplified and if you want to change the wheel pulleys tooth count you remove the existing pull piece and replace with the new one while keeping the retainer portion. Faster and no prep work othher than loktite.


These are fuckin’ amazing. Now as to how it holds up on the street, i’ll find out tomorrow. index


Installing the pulleys on Boas. For those who ordered these, please install them with the tall bearing in first, then plop the adapter over. Use a rubber mallet or nylon hammer to tap the adapter because the fit is so snug that you cannot hand press it in. Which brings us to the next question, if in future when i want to remove the adapter to use on another wheel… would be near impossible to take it out unless i use a few prongs to hit the spokes of the adapter from the other end?

If you do the adapter first and then the bearing, it’ll be really difficult. 40684688_252476788934444_3177021565510352896_n

Kegel pulleys fit nicely, this is on 44T 40746407_297571207695330_2201794729228632064_n

However, the 44T for Abecs have a slight gap, and i’ve already pushed and tapped the adapter all the way in. @JLabs are your abecs like these too?


Nonetheless, looks awesome compared to bolt on pulleys! 40914333_574743252941920_4693905943174316032_n


Does it come with the taller bearing? I didn’t really think about the fact that I’m using 10 mm bearings rather than 8mm with my surfrodz trucks. Anyone know where to find an appropriate 10 mm bearing?

Yep, it comes with an adapter, the pulley, 5 bolts and a tall bearing.

How much taller is the bearing. Looks like I’ll have to hunt down 10mm equivalent

It’s 11mm tall. So you gotta look for a 22mm exterior diameter, 10mm interior, 11mm tall. I think 10mm is also fine, as long as it protrudes out a bit and contacts the pulley and the wheel


Thanks linny, it’s always something it’s always one more thing. @JLabs if you happen to know where I could find the bearings I need let a guy know.


for 10mm SR axles?

I only found these they are 10mm wide and have a double row of bearings so should be very durable. $7 each. Here is a little cheaper if you buy 10 at a time.

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