All New - Lacroix $6000+ Supersport Electric Skateboard - Is it worth it?

If you don’t know about Lacroix, you clearly haven’t been following the emergence of the ‘ultra-board’ category of electric skateboards.

Say wut? ULTRA? Well… Do you have a better adjective I can use?

“Ultra-Boards” are a rare breed, they are available mostly from boutique brands such as Kaly, Flux, BioBoards and of course Lacroix. These brands focus on making the most high-tech “kind-of-ready-in-a-box” prosumer grade electric skateboards available on the market.

Now sit down, please! ULTRA BOARDS aren’t cheap! and they aren’t for beginners! the target market for ultra-boards is an ultra-niche market at the moment, think; single guy with a great income and a serious addiction to adrenaline.

The reality is, most folks simply can’t afford to buy one, YUP I’ll say it again, they are super expensive! But that’s because they are packed to the brim with all the latest & greatest techno-circuitry & battery technologies… these boards are renowned for ridiculously long-range batteries, like ride-all-day range & ball tearing top speeds and they are all hand made by folks who have a serious passion for building amazing machines…

Ok, back to Lacroix, So their most recent announcement is a $6000+ USD machine called SUPERSPORT, Ok so Lacroix are running with a different adjective-noun-combo, But I think you get the gist! - it’s a beast, an ULTRA-SUPER-BEAST.

Their most recent announcement is a $6000+ USD machine called “SUPERSPORT”

If it’s not already clear, their primary objective is to make the most ridiculously over spec’d electric skateboard on the market and seems they have achieved that.

To the untrained eye, this new board probably looks very similar to their previous versions, the wheels, deck, trucks do appear to be the same as their previous top-shelf option called the “Lonestar Nazare”

So what do you actually get for $6000+?

The main upgrade over the previous models is the Higher Voltage Battery & ESC Combo, Plus, as an “optional extra” the Helical gear Drive called the Falcon can be added on.

The Helical gear Drive called the “Falcon” can be added on.

Of course, a higher voltage battery requires a different charger, and you do get an 18S charger standard, but there is also an option to upgrade to a UBER fast 18S charger if you are poor in time & rich in coin. Add-on the new HyperRims, Titanium Axles, Ceramic Bearings & Brake light and a few-hungi-bucks for shipping and you hit the $6K mark! hooray!

Add-on the new HyperRims for $399


So is it worth it?

Like I said before ULTRA BOARDS are an Ultra-niche market! if you are new to (electric) skateboarding you simply won’t be able to handle the full performance of this thing. It most likely won’t be a pleasurable experience & you may end up with a little bit of shit in your pants in place of your hard-earned coins. However, If you’re a very experienced rider, it will blow your mind and only leave a few skid marks in your undies to bring you back to earth and remind you that you are human.

Let’s talk practicality for a minute. This board is really bloody heavy weighing in at 23.2kg, ok ok random numbers are kind of pointless, so let’s compare it to a top of the line Specialized Turbo Levo electric mountain bike which weighs in around 21.3kg. So, folks! we are now in the same ballpark as dual-suspension e-bikes, it means the Lacroix SuperSport will be a little awkward to carry around at the shops, lift in & out of your car, or move around in your apartment. Yep, they are bulky! so it might not fit in the boot of your hatchback and if you live in an apartment could eventually become an inconvenience to maneuver around during the winter months when it’s packed away.

You really need a man cave & a big house to match with this esk8

Let’s briefly touch on maintenance.

WARNING: The human body has an inherent high resistance to electric current, which means without sufficient voltage a dangerous amount of current cannot flow through the body and cause injury or death. As a rough rule of thumb, more than 50V is sufficient to drive a potentially lethal current through the body. The Lacroix Supersport board has a 75 Volt power system at its core, you should not open the cover & attempt to repair the electronics inside this board.

Ok, now we have got that Occupational Health & Saftey stuff out of the way - The good news is this board should be relatively simple in terms of ongoing maintenance. The NEW Falcon gear drive system has a fully enclosed case meaning dirt & debris cannot enter the drive train, this should mean a drastic improvement in terms of maintenance costs. The previous models used belts & pulleys which are prone to damage when you get small rocks sucked up into the belt when riding across the imperfect terrain.

The board actually comes with a spare set of shoes for the rear end, because with this much power ya rubber won’t last long. You should probably order like 3 more sets of spare tyres as this is the part that will be wearing down the quickest, these are air tyres with tubes inside, so maybe you should invest in a puncture repair kit too.

So… just answer the question, is it worth it?

Yeah, fucking oath! You only live once.

Also, if you don’t have $6K You can actually buy a Nazare Supersport, which has 50% less battery capacity, starting at $3649.00USD. However, you still don’t get the Falcon Gear Drive, so adding that that will bump the price to approx $4.5K With shipping.

You really should buy the Falcon Gear Drive upgrade! I personally think that is the most noteworthy upgrade that has been announced. The higher voltage system is not yet proven & needs to be handled carefully during any repair process that might arise.

You can pre-order a Lacroix Supersport NOW with delivery due later in 2021.